Forza Horizon 5 - Less rear downforce

By far my #1 complaint with Horizon 4. Don’t care about multiplayer or rivals, just let me tune my cars the way I want them please.

I would like much more front down-force.

Fair haha

Cars that have stock rear wing, aftermarket wings and front splitters need their downforce settings unlocked so we can adjust them. Sick of having to stick on a hideous Forza wing when i have a perfectly good one attached to the car already.


agreed! almost all of my cars are 220f 220r downforce & i still get oversteer at low speed, understeer at high speed. i think they should make it so the more downforce used, the more PI points used and really unlock both front & rear wings 1lb to 600lb downforce each.

I can’t count the number of cars that are ruined by excess rear downforce. There’s already a lot of front aero on most, I don’t think they need more.

Most recently, I’ve found, the Pagani Zonda R and 2013 GT500 (from the weekly Forzathon event). The Nissan GT-R LM FE, I have built in S2 class with the 6.2L swap, RWD, with maxed front aero and the stock rear wing. It still understeers at high speed.

The gamepad steering is probably one of the main reasons they try to avoid oversteer at all costs. They should take a hint from CarX’s Steer Assist. Implementing aspects of that into Forza’s controls would be a godsend.