forza horizon 5 improvements ,by many forza players

everyone who should play forza horizon 5 please like because I really get on my nerves owning 1 car pass car every week, just do it as a DLC because everything worked out like in forza horizon 3 + the new vehicles can be won It’s nice and good, but after a while the game sucks and nobody wants it anymore, it’s really like that, for me the forza horizon 5 map was sucked out after 3 days because there are very few parking spaces for tuning meetings, etc
even all the pc moders are getting on my nerves, dear forza commyunties teams, make an effort not to disappoint your fans, in my eyes you are a joke, in forza horizon 5 there are only 2 DLC but also only carpass vehicles for nothing Week come up with something, I promised the M8 in forza horizon 4 and everyone I know is already driving it through a trick as if that was purely on purpose to bring in the series 8 vehicles. even i think i have 6 bmw m8’s in my fleet for reasons why why why, i do tuning and designs + i test the vehicles where it’s only good.

think about it and ask your fans what ideas they have.

Kind regards, CrazyGerman340

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pretty hard to understand whats in your mind.
I don’t get what you want the devs to think about.

If you have suggestions to the devs do it with a supportticket. You can choose the topic suggestion for the ticket.
Or use the forumsection for suggestions.

imho it doesn’t look like you have an issue that need some troubleshooting…

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Yeah I’m slightly confused. Seems like a request for everyone to like their rant.

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