Forza Horizon 5 Controller & Headphones - Very Low Audio

Does anyone have the Forza Horizon 5 controller and used a plugged in headphone?

I recently sent the controller in to be replaced because plugging in a gaming headset, the audio is muffled, I have to turn the volume to MAX to even hear it enough to play, and even then it is really low.
I got the new controller today, but it’s the same issue.

I tried the headphones on the original controller, no issues.
I tried another pair of headphones on the Forza controller, same issue.

So I know it’s the controller, but getting a replacement and having the same issue has me confused.

Found this solution posted on Reddit and it seems to have fixed the problem for me using Audio Technica M50xBT. Open sound settings, manage sound devices then disable the one that says the name of your Bluetooth headphones with “Hands-Free Audio” next to it.