Forza Horizon 5 can't launch

Windows 11 has the same setting. If Windows memory Integrity is turned on, it can cause the exact issues discussed here if a new or updated driver is incompatible with memory integrity.

I actually got around to resetting my PC today and can confirm that FH5 is working fine again. However, I still can’t believe that this effort was really necessary to get a single video game to work. I hope that such a problem will never occur again in the future. However, since the exact cause is unknown to my knowledge, I unfortunately can’t actively prevent the error from occurring again…

It happened to me twice by now. I log-off and log-in in Microsoft store and the game launches. Hope it helps.

I have re-install the game and it launch again, but it works fine only for a few days.
Now all the crashes and freezes came back. It can be anytime while playing, even right after switching a car on the map.
I don’t think its playable unless you right click and run as admin. It sometimes show me a blank white picture while loading and of course it fails. The freezes came a lot more frequently.
Even running as admin, it still can’t load somtimes and pop up a RAM not readable error. Sometimes the control is not working right after you start driving.
The last weekly forzathon is not working suddenly, tried a few times to get pass chapter 1 only, then winning a few street races with the correct car,
but all of them failed to get chapter 2 done.
OK this week I switched to the car needed right after it starts, guess what, it hangs immediately. Then it does not count as completed just like last week, have to try a few times to get it done. The remaining chapter was completed sucessfully.

same here, sometimes i got this message running as admin, after a crash.
Then just no response when you just run it not as admin. Have to restart.