Forza Horizon 4

Set in Historic Britain…, which makes me feel like labelling the the Forza Title a Historic Memory (& not a pleasant one).
Horizon Titles is all that i’m interested in, but FH4 has completely destroyed my Faith in it. I extremely dislike it, when games take away features from the previous installment that we enjoyed, & then being stubborn not to include it in the next one, OR test the player’s patience by holding it back to include it in a future update, to make it seem like They’re doing a Great Job (& probably giving Themselves a pat on the back) by including it again after Many MONTHS of Release Date.
…The Slogan is so fitting: “4 Changes Everything” …Completely changed my positive thought/feeling of Horizon Titles, yes (Would have ZERO Nostalgic Value to me, as Previous Titles do)

Thank you for your feedback and continued support.