Forza Horizon 4 won't save my progress


following Problem accurs: Like in the topic, Forza Horizon 4 won’t save any progress in the game.

I managed to get some progress to a certain point, but after that, nothing was saved.
I deinstalled the game, and installed it again, and had some problems too installing the game. But now it’s installed.
But until now, I won’t save any progress I make in the game. I have enough space on my drive etc.

One thing is, I do not activated my windows 10. But I guess this can’t be a problem.

(I’m talking here in a case from a friend, but hes not very into Computers, so I will do it then.)

Thank you for helping!

Are you/ he still playing the demo by mistake
The demo doesnt save

No, He is playing the normal, bought version of the game.

Ok what i do every single time when i finish playing i fast travel to the festival site or a house and then exit
Wait for the spinning circle in the bottom right to completely stop then exit
That way i know it has saved…did the same in fh3 as well

He tried to make some progress, design a car and tried to save it. It says “that the file is corrupted or unable to safe” or something.
We just figured out that he is using a very old Windows 10 version and is updating now, then we will actually activate his Windows Version.

I think it’s the problem with windows activation and the servers to save files. It was annouced that you have to use Windows 10 and it’s kinda related then.
I will share some info if we have done it.

But thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

did it work, and what did you do, because i am having a similar problem.

Same here plz. Help!!! This problem is from mr more then 2 weeks.

it works. Thanks talby71 for the tip

My forza horizon 4 game wont save my progress and i have anough Space on my etc.Can i please get some help.

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Forza horizon 4 won’t save my game


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Thank you!