Forza horizon 4 won't launch. Crashes on splash screen.

Like from title my problem is huge. I have the ultimate edition for pc and after 36 hours of desperation and attempts to start the game, I don’t know where to bump my head next. I’ve shuted down msi afterburner and riva tuner, windows spacial audio is off, reinstalled the game 3 times ( with a 20 megabit connection is a major turn off ), windows store reset, updating windows on the last build, uninstalling nvidia drivers with ddu and clean installing again… I don’t know if I mentioned everything I did. I’ve also contacted windows assistance by chat and than speaked also with xbox support.

Here is my reference number 1442659923.

It’s not specs problem cause the demo was running smooth as butter. 1080p ultra 60+fps. Not one problem with msi afterburner and riva tuner.

Ive payed the ultimate and I’m losing the early access.