Forza Horizon 4 without Online functions - DNS error - 16 days ago no answers!

Forza Horizon 4 is out for a week now. This dns error prevents many of us to join online, whilst teredo is connecting without a problem, FH 3 online works fine, just like everything else. Not the developers, not even Microsoft or Telekom felt necessary to mention it, or post even a tiny forum announcement about this huge defect affecting many people. Time to admit that something is fckedup and fix it. We paid for a service which we can not use and is not working properly, the clock is ticking, days are passing and still no answers. Is being silent and sneaky really the best way to handle this?



Exactly… Unable to join Horizon Life… FH3 works like a charm.

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Same here. This is the only thing on my network that has trouble connecting online. Doing a search this DNS error has appeared in past games too… really annoying. Says it can connect to the servers, yet still claims DNS problems. Come to this website for help… but there is nothing listed here.

I’m having a similar issue with loading and going online, the game is telling me to finish torn hows [which I finished and completed] and its rejecting loading on everything, I left my Xbox on for a good hour it is just stuck on 100%