Forza horizon 4 the game where they advertise 64 player lobbies

And you only ever see maybe 10 at a time and can only invite 30 to a convoy and most of the time you may only get about 10 people together and they usually run off and do something else anyways…let’s also not forget how awesome this game could have been…I get you guys want to stay true to the environment but all the rock clusters that keeping you from jumping off of some cool stuff. Like hold on a minute that would be waaaay too much fun for these guys…let’s tone down that enjoyment some because that make so much sense…it’s still a great game overall but the excitement factor could be way higher but I guess fun isn’t your objective? And why not just advertise the lobbies at 32 because then everyone could be visible? Not sure why we only see a few people at a time but it’s killed the online play.