Forza Horizon 4 stutter/lag spike when skill songs are played (Please FIX IT )

My spec:
motherboard: ZA270 HD3P latest bios
CPU:7700k 4.5 stock also c-states and saving power disabled
GPU: RTX 2070 S Windforce X3
AUDIO: Xonar U3 (win 10 driver)
RAM: 32GB 3000Mhz C15
PSU= 850 W Seasonic Platinium
Game its installed on a fast NVME SSD

So basically the game runs good in benchmark and overall but as soon skill song pop-out the stutter and lag spike its quite noticeable hopefully this will be adress as soon as possible because i truly enjoy the game so far and i am sure the developer team wil look into it and fix it