Forza Horizon 4 Story cars

I was wondering if there is a possibility to get the tunes from both the Laracer and Drift Club story modes?

I was also thinking about this. Some of the drift club tunes are really good, and i havent been able to replicate them or download similar.

Would be good to get some of the drift club tunes on my cars.

Can anyone help?

In the update 6 live stream this week, while they where driving the 918, they said ‘‘the cars are set and tuned by Chris and the guys from the handling team’’ - (47;50 - Forza Horizon 4 | Update 6 Live Stream - YouTube ).

Maybe we can ask the Devs if they would share the tunes?

Personally, I am rather interested in the tune of the alpine A110 from the stunt driver story.

I have the Volvo from drift club (244 turbo) and in the upgrade presets you can set it like drift club.
I have one of the others but cannot remember which one

So if you have the exact model from drift club there are definitely tunes available but I cannot say if they have done all cars.

The 240 is like the Volvo.

yeah may have got the number wrong … but yes the Volvo … it drift pretty well … & I used it like the drift club to 3 star a few dirt zones
I think the other one I have is the BRZ - it works well