Forza Horizon 4 still not launching

I bought forza back in november and i been trying to work with it, the game has never sucessfully launched since i bought it and ive tried every method in the book to get it to launch and nothing works for me. My pc is not old or out of date nor are any of my drivers and it launches the demo as well, i dont have any third party antivirus that would affect it or any overclocking software like evga or riva or msi. Ive tried everything please any help would be appreciated
My pc specs:
-Alienware aurora r7
-Gtx 1060
-i5 8400
-1tb storage

Please submit a ticket here with as much information as you can give do we can look into this further.


I recently re-enabled the xbox game bar on my pc and FH4 then would fail to launch or crash on launch. Have disabled again and now working again.

Worth a try.

Mine stopped launching a couple of weeks ago. How do you disable the game bar? I never enabled it in the first place…

NVM. Followed the advice on the windows support page and now it uninstalled the whole game. Can’t be bothered with this.

If you’re using Mac Type, disable the service or it stops FH4 launching. That one got me initially because it doesn’t stop FH3 or FM7 working.

It’s working now, I had to reset the app and reinstall it. PITA.

it seems you have the right specs, 1060 is fine processor is fine, even if you didnt have 8gb ram it still would load.
try new drivers from Nvidia.

But the main reason it might not load could be because Microsoft Visual 2015 x86 and x64 is either corrupt or not installed or maybe Microsoft Net Framework isn’t updated try those and also try downloading Microsoft visual 2017 x86 and x64… those programs are a must esp for forza motorsport and fh 3…if they are corrupt go to settings then apps and repair them.
Latest version of Direct X also helps games load check that too