Forza Horizon 4 Rewind not cancel the damage?

I was playing 40 Laps circuit with Damage on in difficulty for high bonus.And when ever i get hit wall or side wall i just rewind.And i had just 3-4 hits and i rewound.But at Lap 30 I felt car handling has changed it hard to control now.Car was not damaged at all only few scratches on front bumper maybe from Destructive things like wooden railing etc etc.Direct hit i just rewinding every time.It happened in both 40 laps races and l lost and so much time wasted.
Is Rewind don’t cancel the hit damage or hitting destructive things like board,Lamp post,Wooden railing counts as damage.Also there’s no option of checking car damage numbers?
Please reply me.

Stop hitting things? Learn to own up to your mistakes and improve on them? Rather than trying to rewind it and try again.

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Not sure if this is the same for FH4, but in previous versions, when you had Full Damage On, your car would suffer normal “wear and tear” from driving long races. Tires start to wear out, even fuel could cause a problem. I know when I first started out, my “down-shifting” could damage the engine.

Your 40 lap race could be the problem; rewind may have nothing to do with it…

Your tires wear out, and Rewind will not erase the tire wear.

Worst part is that the AI drivers aren’t affected by worn-out tires, so setting up a race long enough to scrub off all the tread on your tires only handicaps yourself. If you want to run an endurance race, you have to switch the damage setting off as there are no pit stop changes.

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I turned damage off in Horizon long ago, simply due to the big jumps in Cross Country damaging your suspension when you land (even when landing “cleanly”). If the AI was similarly affected I would consider turning it on, but when even short races can do enough damage to signficantly handicap you through no fault of your own I felt it pointless.

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Poor shifting or redlining will definitely cause damage to your transmission and really affect your vehicle. I’ve never understood why they have this in the Horizon Series since there are now pits. In the Motorsport series makes since as you have pits for damage, tires, and fuel.

Its not possible when you are trying to break your fastest lap record in every Lap.And dont forget Formula 1 like pro driver also get hits by same thing.They are 100 time pro than you.

Oh and OMG…Ya AI drivers should effect.

Ya agree with that.

I agree with the others on turning off damage. It would have been a fun addition to difficulty if it had been adapted for the gameplay, but it isn’t. So even if they fixed the rewind feature to also undo damage, it still would be annoying.

Also, in at least some of the Forza Motorsport games, AI opponents too had simulation damage if the player did. Here they only ever have cosmetic damage. They’ll hit a wall at 200 MPH and get a small dent to show for it, you’ll jump over a crest at 50 MPH and ruin your suspension.

The 10% you gain from having simulation damage and wear active isn’t worth it. :slightly_smiling_face: