Forza Horizon 4 - Rewards bugged?


First of all, love Forza Horizon 4 (actually I like the game WAY more then FM7 - I have been buying all ultimate editions in the past years).

Now to the problem at hand:
Forza Rewards tells me I have 0/50 ultimate passes, whereas I see 117 (at the moment) in game.

Also regarding car masteries: Forza Rewards tells me I got 3/50 - I spent ca. 1176 points in game…

The other categories seem correct.

Thanks for looking into this :).

Lots of threads about this already
Here’s one

Ultimate passes not registering for anyone, it’s in several threads.

As for car masteries, of those 1100+ points you used, how many cars did you actually complete their perk tree? That’s what the rewards is looking for. Completed cars, not points used.

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About another 10 or more threads already on ultimate passes
They arent working for anyone

Car masteries take at least a week to update for me
Of the 20 I’ve done its only showing 5
Hasnt updated since before last weekend…10 days ago