Forza horizon 4 ranked rating decreased by 700+

a few days ago I started to try out the competitive part of forza.
After a few races I was ranked in and my rating was above 2500 in free for all racing.
That’s when I wanted to try out team racing.
I won about 90 percent of my placement matches, I even beat some grandmasters and other high ranks off.
After my tenth adventure I was impatiently waiting for the results of my little fun grind, where I had a result of over 3100 points, which gave me rank 8.
I was very proud of myself and exited to grind on to reach rank 5 this season.
So with the next adventure with my qualification rank I was pretty sure to get even better.
I finished all of my races in top 3 and even won some. Sadly my team didn’t achieve any additional points so we lost.
After the adventure my ranking was decreased by over 700 points, 710 to be exact, which threw me all the way back to rank eleven. I saw and prove that I am capable to keep up with the highest ranks and to be honest, this just made me lose all of my motivation to play the game any longer.

I now want to know if this was a bug or because I lost with my team, since I was very happy to achieve rank 8 in under a week.

Please let me know your opinion on this

nothing new. already posted on ranking issue and it been bug.

Points gained or lost in team has nothing to do with your individual performance. It’s the team result which matters. It also sounds like you were probably up against a team with low ranked (probably 20/0) “boosters” to have suffered that big a loss.