Forza Horizon 4 PRO Stats and Ratings Tool

I got frustrated at the lack of stats and performance ratings in this game. I wanted to learn more about how I am really performing in the cars I build. So I made a test/tournament, it’s called the Horizon Cup. It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete and it provides a quick way to see how your cars perform relative to each other in 4 categories: Drag, Road, Dirt, and XCountry racing.

I also made Hot Laps and PR Stunts sections that include every single event in the game, just to leave no stone unturned for those like me that might want to log their times for every event. There’s also 5 additional performance ratings in the Hot Laps section based on how you do in a bunch of tracks, mostly the big ones and Falcon Speedway.

If you’re at all interested please download the sheet and I would love to see what kind of numbers people get, maybe we can tweak this thing together and come up with the ultimate stats tool (Since Forza refuse to include one in the game). For the tuners/hot lappers crowd I believe a tool like this can add almost infinite replay value.

Direct Download Link: