Forza Horizon 4 Performance Issues After Latest Updates On PC - Objects Popping & Loading Too Late


I never had any performance issues with this game before, played it for months. After taking a break for a few months, I decided to load it back up and give it a shot. The very first thing I noticed was the textures and objects popping in the free play game world. I’ve updated and checked literally everything and I came to the assumption that it can’t be on my end since I don’t experience any of these issues in other games. I’m running an ultra setup with everything updated and tweaked to best performance. I get constant 100+ FPS in many games on every setting maxed out. I think you guys actually kinda made mistakes in your latest updates. I still get 120 FPS on 1080p and everything maxed out in FH4, but the texture popping, unsharp trees and objects loading a few meters infront on you is a huge issue.
At this moment the game is kinda ruined for me. Hopefully this will get looked into in the near future.

Hope you still have a nice day.

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