Forza Horizon 4 PC demo NO SOUND

The intros and movies have sound but not the menus and the game itself. Is there a fix and is there anyone else having this issue? I tried restarting the a few times with the same outcome and I also reinstalled the game with no luck.
Please help!

Same issue here.

I have the same problem. Fix this please!

Solved. [ANSWERED] Cut Scene Audio Only [PC] - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

Tried all the options that were on that forum, I tried enhancements disabling then enabling. I tried it through my optical cable then and went to my different headphone jacks. Pretty frustrated I was considering buying this game. I am running 96000hz I tried the 48hz option but that didnt work either. Anyone have any other options? They really need to patch the demo for the bugs. Anyone how wheel support is and the force feedback or does it not exist like in 7 and horizon 3.

Windows 10
i7 3970X
16gb ram
1060 SC

Saaaame :frowning:

Same here ….
Hope they get this sorted before release.
At least you get full screen this time lol

PC Spec -
Windows 10
Intel Core i7 6700K
2 x GTX1070

Same problem here. I actually crash as soon as I get to the menu. This only happens after I disable all my other sound devices except the one Im using. I have a soundcard so if I enable my standard mobo soundcard I do get past the menus but my sound vanishes however when videos play I get audio out my speakers no problem. Its only the actual gameplay that is the problem. I have a maya 44 usb 16bit 48000khz external card. Don’t know if that info helps but there ya go. Please get this fixed Im about to pre order this but Im so afraid of the sound issue.

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i have this issue with the game release, its sunday and i still cant figure out how to fix this.

Same issue with demo as well as with game release. Still no fix?

Got the game installed (Ultimate Edition) and when booted it up, only had sound in cutscenes. Read comments to reboot and do other ‘enhancements’… I just rebooted the computer and it worked for me. I did turn off my on-board audio in the bios… I honestly don’t know if that helped, but it didn’t hurt to turn that off I guess.

I’m using for audio : Creative ZXR

Yes, the problem is probably isolated to a few sound cards, mostly on board with analog output, such as many Realtek ones.

The problem might have workarounds that are acceptable for some users (in my case, I just plug my headphones into my monitor, which gets audio from the Nvidia HD Audio driver via DisplayPort)


That is not a solution. The solution is for FH4 to support analog output from those same cards.
It is a bug because the greatest majority of other games in the world work with those same sound cards and more importantly, FH3 and FMS7 both work with it too, so this is what in the development work is known as a regression.

Hence workarounds are just that, and not solutions.

Alright guys, seems like the solution is easier than it sounds. Just made a pc restart and know really everything works fine. Sound, Gameplay, Controls. Everything went better than expected.

Having the same issues with the full game. Simple PC reset did not work for me. Haven’t tried it with a headset, but should I really have to???

Nope you shouldn’t have too, but even if you did it still wouldn’t work (was like the first “fix” I tried). PC reset doesn’t do anything and I don’t have any enhancements tab in my sound options. I’m literally about to stop at micro center and pick up a cheap sound card JUST to see if that fixes it. I absolutely should not have to but this is the boat were in right now…

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I had the same issue. I think i fixed it, or i just find a simple way to avoid this problem. First at all i have 3 different speakers. I. 2.1 speakers ; II. TV speakers, III. Hyperx cloud 2. I tried to play on all of them, and i just realised the game has sound on the 2.1 speakers and on the TV (what are connecting to the computer via Jack or HDMI Cable) Immediately as i tried to play via headset (what is connecting with USB) i can’t hear anything in the game. so i think there is an issue with the USB connected speakers.

I tried to uninstall/reinstall/downgrade the sound card driver and that didn’t fix the problem either.
The problem sorted itself out when I finally did a clean install of the Nvidia drivers.
Previously the sound would be directed to my monitor via Nvidia HD Audio driver even if it were disabled. Now it correctly goes to my Realtek on board soundcard.

I’m having the same problem. Mods have written that the problem has been solved, but as far as I’m reading, there is no such thing. Such a shame! Microsoft should correct this error as soon as possible. We spend lots of money and time for this game and this problems. We’re screwed with our money. I regret because getting the game. And I bought the Ultimate Edition. Pff…

My Logitech G933’s weren’t working wirelessly with FH4 on PC, but when I plugged them into my pc via a 3.5mm cord they work with FH4. I believe it’s an issue with USB wireless headphones

I had same issues with my g933, I changed the USB port for the dongle and that fixed the in game sound and profiles making no difference issue. No idea why that worked but it did.

I have the same problem, I have tried all sorts of combinations (Realtec) in the audio console, sound at start for Microsoft logo and car sounds but no sound in game or music…