Dear FH4 Player.

anyone of you experienced this before? the problem was occur after fortune island update
it seems more like a network lag / latency issue more than performance issue.

whenever i was connected to online or playing online racing.
i will encountered lag or delay whenever driving, it seems like the gameplay going SLOW MOTION
the slow mo was like 3-4 second and suddenly everything will fast forward again.

sometimes the car even more like teleporting suddenly the car will went infront of me, and if they crashed to a wall suddenly the car will teleport to behind.

pls refer link of youtube of my gameplay VIDEO OF MY FH4 GAMEPLAY ISSUE

my benchmark, its proof that my rig can handle the game well BENCHMARK


May be you’ve got a another program that work in background and consume too much ressource.
have look to the Bench i did before FI.

i use all settings to the max and have no stutter.
i’ll do a new Bench with FI to see if there’s a difference.

Please submit a ticket here including your Benchmark screenshot and video link.

If you’re able to produce another benchmark image currently to see if this issue is still occurring or changed, that would be helpful to add to the ticket too.