Forza Horizon 4 Multiplayer Dosent WORK


When i press on Horizon life it says it search for a Lobby but it cant find one. when it says it search for a Lobby this text is an hour on my Screen but no Lobby cant find.

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No Help ?

same issue but i get DNS error, LOT’S of other’s are also having this issue

No Help ???

Ouh ok what i can do to Play Online ?

Help is on the way…
You might wanna go to support with this.

Thanks but i dont see a section for Multiplayer problems

You can create a new ticket and support staff will help you

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with online. Sometimes I can’t reconnect instantly, but when I chose to play online it finds a lobby right away. But that does not happen very often nad other than that it works flawlessly, same with online adventure.
And I say that as someone with strict NAT and my ISP blocking almost all of the ports that exist, lol

same to me, cant find people to play online.
im even in a club but how do i play with this people?

It’s a very common issue. No one has a fix yet. Don’t know if either MS aren’t aware or simply dont care.

^This. Since 2 years.

I’ve found a fix for this issue, Update windows 10 and restart PC should fix worked for me