Forza Horizon 4 keeps failing to start on PC + another issue

Hey, I’m new.

So I’m constantly trying to start the game, and the window pops up with a small graphic of FH4, like normal. But then, the window just shuts down and nothing happens. Not sure why this happens, especially since I installed the game again when I reinstalled windows 10. Yes, I tried starting it multiple times. I was able to run the game just fine before.

Also, I’m having this issue as well after I installed my car pass from ultimate edition: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
And no, nothing is installing according to the Microsoft store.

Okay, so while I’m writing this, I think I found out why it doesn’t want to work: CivicRS: Imgur: The magic of the Internet and Imp: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For some reason, I have to pay? Pretty sure this is not supposed to happen since it belongs to the car pass and everything else got installed as normal and free.

Edit: I figured out that you can still install those cars separately without issues. But yeah, the game still doesn’t really want to boot besides the window still popping up like normal for a sec.

Submit a support ticket. Im having the same issue with My forza. Starts for about 30 seconds but then closes.

Done. Is this a well known issue?

The game not starting is a well known issue. There’s a massive problem with windows store that everyone at microsoft acts like it doesn’t exist. It’s been there since the windows 10 beta and before that on windows 8.1 etc. Basically at some point you lose all your permissions for the folder where the game is installed.
Google microsoft store folder permissions, you’ll see plenty of tales of woe and some relatively helpful articles.
This will link to what you’re describing: Microsoft Store Apps fail to start - Windows Client | Microsoft Docs

Good luck, i currently cannot install any microsoft apps or games and i get told to re-install the OS i’ve just re-installed!!!

Possibly the permissions part.

But the funny thing here is that i have full permission to access the “WindowsApp” folder, however , i do not have permission to actually view to use the files related to Forza (which is something i can’t get permission to do).

Windows store launches programs via trustedinstaller proxy when needed to but since windows store is also terrible at handling it-self and licences it can mess up your app and games.