Forza Horizon 4 Issues follow up from the community

Well aware of the many posts complaining of all the audio glitches, auction house loading of cars let alone just trying to see the ones in your own inventory so I’m not here to beat a dead horse or asking something silly. On the other hand you hardly reach out to the community and I’m wanting a follow up of these supposed compensatory measures that were put in place due to the deviations of the game? I think myself a long with many many many others deserve that. As paying customers of your game and Xbox live we don’t require nor should we have special treatment but at some point the simple one or two liner and always vague statements you put out when things like this are going on is just getting so old. We want fixes, not just answers of what you say you’re going to do but physical evidence through game play. Please take care of the community because after all the reason you’re important is because we’re all in a line standing behind you and behind a curtain.

If you would like to forward any feedback regarding transparency & communication between the devs and the players - check this thread.

If you’re experiencing any issues or bugs - submit a ticket.

If you would like to see any of the known issues or fixes - check here.

This should cover everything.

I’m now going to lock the thread as no further discussion is needed. We’d like to encourage constructive discussion rather than negative discussion.