Forza Horizon 4 is saying that I only have 2.48 GB of VRAM after the benchmark video

I have a 1060 3gb and all the other games I play say that I have like 2.88 GB of VRAM. But after I did the benchmark video in horizon 4 it said I was using 2.53GB/2.48GB. My game keeps crashing and I think that’s because it is going over the amount of VRAM. How can I fix this to where the game will use all of my VRAM? Thanks for any help.

Set textures and static/dynamic geometry quality to minimum and check your dedicated GPU memory usage in task manager. Raise those settings as you like until you’re using all of your VRAM, then increase them a bit more or until the game starts crashing/running poorly.

I just benchmarked my 1060 6gb and it says I have 5gb. Must be something to do with how it is coded or maybe some Vram kept for the chipset or something idk.