Forza Horizon 4 Features Wish List

To be honest, it would be cool if they kept the open world concept but came up with a totally new non Horizon concept to base the game on. I was really hoping that FH3 would be based in Japan or an open continent concept like The Crew. The next game should concentrate on having more quality roads. The open spaces are nice but they came at the expense of good racing roads. Off-road physics in FH3 were a little over the top too. I’d love to have super long roads (look what they did with Euro Truck Simulator 2) and be able to blueprint races by making your own checkpoints and start/finish lines.



For FH4, instead of basing the map on a specific real location, I would make it a huge diverse map(And I mean huge, like TDU/The Crew huge or bigger) with something for everyone. Huge mountains with twisty roads, a Red Rock-style desert area, open plains with huge straights, Small, out-of-the-way country towns, Touge/Drifting roads, in a Fujimo Kaido-like evironment, A handful of actual FM style racetracks alongside the street circuits/sprints and street races, Indoor stadium tracks for trophy trucks and buggies alongside the outdoor cross country/trail/scramble tracks, a PROPER big city (Surfer’s Paradise is a joke, and did not capture that concrete jungle feel IMO), and plenty of offroad trails and places to explore. Also I would make it to where there’s only one festival on the map, where you would work your way through the career and keep expanding this festival as you earn fans. By the last festival expansion, the festival would be a quite a sight to see. I’m talking a HUGE Horizon Festival that looks breathtaking, tons of fireworks and lights, etc, with Horizon Outposts throughout the map where you can upgrade and paint your car. I would also allow the option to turn off ANNA for good, that is if I even were to put her in the game in the first place.

For the career, I would give the game an actual story with a sense of progression, like FH1 had. Flag rush would also be nerfed and replaced with Car Soccer for the multiplayer playground games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s how I would make FH4. Shoutout to the person who had the idea of not basing the map on a real location. I saw a post on some thread a while back that mentioned that.

But I think it’s just wishful thinking, as FH4 will probably just be FH3 with a new map of the same size and a few more features, much like FH3 was to FH2. But time will tell.

  • Club Vs Club racing (or it already exists in FH3? Please correct me if I’m wrong) with a Leader Board
  • better bonus which promote “clean” racing (occasional bumping is okay but I hate seeing full-on bumper cars in online racings, especially asphalt only races!)
  • as previously suggested semi real-life race courses (not as serious as FM)
  • proper RallyCross!

that’s all I can think of so far :slight_smile:


Realistic engine swaps. No more v12 into everything…


I really love this game, just Bought the Deluxe Version !!
Keep up the good work, Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best racing game and I`d like to see some feature added to the game.

  • Changing Difficulty settings like (Traction Control / Stability control / Shifting) directly from free room with a key binding.

  • Allow to change the color of the brake calipers.

  • Improvement of the auction like : selecting multiple car on [Search Car Advanced] and saving preset search, Faster Loading of the cars on auction.

  • Going Online {PLAY ONLINE ON Horizon Life} taking to much time to find a server and connect to. Sometimes up to 4-5 minutes.

  • Add Opel Astra H CDTI 1.7 (2006) {This is just a Wish because I own the car}

Thanks in advice !

Me too! I just find Forza just decreasing in popularity because of what their doing, they need to see what fans say about future games. Forza is just getting boring now and back when FH1 was out, it was the best game ever (in my opinion). They need to change the ideas of the topic of the game, maybe a storyline??? Who knows? I hope that in 4 years time that FH5 will be in Japan or Tokyo because then there will be more drifting, and all of that stuff. Yes, they did change seasons in FH4 than FH3, but that has been hated because of winter. They need to see these suggestions, I’ve been playing for over 5 years and its way different.

These are my Wish Lists.

They should make cars have more customization like Exhausts, engine sounds just by themselves, More bumpers, ext.

MAKE THE CRASH PHYSICS WAY MORE REALISTIC!!! This bothers me so much! Because im going down a highway at 200mph and go straight into a wall with cosmetic damage on and I only see scratched paint, cracked windshield & windows. Please sort that out.

Also would be good if they added decent car/engine/exhaust noises. I have noticed the same noises being used for several cars. Maybe even add aftermarket exhausts that actuallly change the sound of the car. The sounds atm are okay, but I think there needs to be more of a range instead of the same noises for several different cars.


The game should be renamed Forza Horizons, with an emphasis on the …s, because lets face it, it’s just a matter if time before more brazen, open-world games take the lead. What the studio should do is consolidate all past Forza Horizons onto a global map of the world with areas inclusive of past and present Forza Horizons that could be linked for travel to by air-planes, as in the Crew. The time has come when technology like Xbox One X is capable of such feats, and the studio should know better than not being aware of what open-world really means. Trust you me, very soon the Crew’s area will get bigger to include say the entire continent of Europe. They need to be aware of this instead of shifting the locale of Forza Horizon every two years in the same old monotonous manner. There needs to be more vision to Forza Horizon instead of just SEASONS, for Pete’s sake man. Bring on the vision folks and let’s get Forza brazen and really open-world.


This thread makes me wish I had a better grasp on posting pics here, lol!! I’ll write more when I have a chance. The just would be just a random, open world. Huge, very diverse. There should be terrain for EVERYONE. Rally, circuit, DRAG and drift.

There should be drive to, open tracks throughout the world map. Theres several towns, no reason one can’t have a circuit track, one has a drag strip. NOT A MILE RUNWAY THING. One could have some sort of drift course. Point being, real tracks are driven to. Why not make a spot to drive to and run on a track in Horizon. Not select an event, but drive to the track. Drive to the gatage/pit area, then on to the track.

For drag, have a location for 1/8, 1/4 mile runs. Use the speed zone or drift zone type thing for staging. Pull up to the burnout box, heat your tires, then pull up to a tree. Something that can be always on, but cycles with proximity or something. Then a timer/win light at 1/8 and 1/4. At the end, just take the pit road and drive back to line up and do it again.

There should be upgrades that allow for each type of racing. Keep all the circuit stuff, maybe fix the unbalance PI system. Add proper off road upgrades, proper drag upgrades and drift upgrades.

My whole thing is that it’s 6 Motorsport games and 3 Horizon games and it’s pretty much the same thing polished up a bit. I challenge Turn 10 to blow everything out of the water. Make something NEW and huge. Show what can be done with these games now. Stop limiting whats being done to fit a time line and push the envelope. Make a something that truly is for everyone.


Home from work and just turned on the game. I had written about this before on a Horizon 3 wishlist, figured I’d throw it out there again.

I think it would be cool if our garages were actually garages that we drove to. Right now there’s festivals that everybody has to use. Why not have, let say 24 (whatever the multiplayer limit is or will be) properties on the map to choose from. Basically houses, home bases, garages, whatever you want to call them, but a spot on the map that is YOURS. Where you build, tune, drive your car to and from.

Something even cooler with that is driving to a friend’s garage. Have that be the “Storefront”. Set up your own space as you progress. Unlock more spaces, more stuff for your garage. Take it from a back yard one car garage to a full on speedshop. Something completely new and engaging.

I would just love to see some sort of personality or charm back in this game. It feels soulless anymore, somewhat. Granted the PI system doesn’t really help that. Everything has to AWD and rediculous.

Anyway, I’ve thought I’d throw that part about the garages up again before I forgot. And don’t forget, all the proper drag upgrades, drift upgrades. Drive to tracks and stuff I wrote earlier!!


here’s another one - make roads with turns, roads that are narrower than 100 meters


My wish for the next Forza

Please make Drift Angle kits for all cars. And make costem Bodykits too modify. i don’t mean Liberty walk, Rocket Bunny or only Bumpers I mean Forza Costomizing Forza Bodykits or we can mix Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny etc. and make them for all cars please.


I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of days.

The Horizon series is supposed to be a reflection of the car culture at the time of release. This lead to things like Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny kits being added for cars. I personally think it would be great if they’d go back to the late nineties/early noughties in England. Back to the Max Power era of car modifications. Not something that’s likely to happen, but I’d absolutely love to see that happen! Would bring back some memories for sure.


Glad I found this thread as I wanted to start one.

Horizon 1 … Racing in an open world. Do whatever I want, whenever I want. Perfect cocktail for a perfect racing game. Could this become any better? Yup, they came with FH2…
And once I thought they had reached the climax, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they came with Horizon 3!
This game is just … Wooooow. Although I have completed it, explored every inch, hence put 400+ hrs into it, it just keeps me going back for more of it.
Never had such an experience.

Anyways, I’m writing here because I believe there are a few (just minor) points that could be improved if there would be a FH4.

  1. MUSIC:
  • Choose Soundtrack : although I know we have to get the impression of actually really listening to a radio station, I think it would be nice to have the possibility to choose ourselves a track whenever we want to, and not just keep waiting and waiting. Some songs are really cool. Yes, even after 400 hours :slight_smile: The only way I can “force” a soundtrack, is by creating/replaying a blueprinted bucket list. Or, switch my headphones to PC and go on YT :slight_smile:
  • Max Bid : I’d rather see a possibility to fill in a max. bid of what one is ready to pay for a car, such as on eBay. If no one exceeds that bid, then you win of course. If someone does exceed that bid, well… too bad and it’ll be for a next time. I’d rather prefer these instead of following these auction where I made a bid.

  • Withdrawing an Auction : I’d like the possibility to withdraw an auction if I notice I made a mistake somehow. Of course, this should only be possible as long as no one made a bit on the auctioned car.

  • Renewing an Auction : I believe there should be a button or such, where I can choose to “renew an auction” instead of first claiming the car that hasn’t been sold, and then return to the menu to start a new auction. If you have just one car to sell, it isn’t such time taking thing to do. But if you have several cars, well… then the whole process becomes tidy to do.

  • Remember Auction Selection : I believe there should be a possibility to make “save file” of some sort that remembers your selection. If I’m aiming at several brands, I have to go through the whole list over and over again. Some kind of ‘shortcut’ would be nice.

    Oh hell!!
  • Select Design in Freeroam : we get the possibility to change our tune setup for the car while being in freeroam, although for a car design I always have to go back to the Festival Site. Not really logic. Either you go for both to the garage to “virtually” change the suspension, tires, but also the liveries. Or, we get to change both (upgrades and car designs) while being on the road. I prefer the latter option of course.

  • Sorting Designs : having created well over 260 liveries, and downloaded a handful more of very nice liveries made by others, I get a huuuuuge list of liveries to scroll through!! I believe there should be an option to narrow search. Because now, if I want to use one of the first designs I created/downloaded, which means it is the oldest, I have to scroll all the way to the right to get to the livery. There are also liveries that are in the middle. Having to go through each of them, one by one, is… well, it could be made easier.

  • Double Designs : if I use the “Search” function and I come across my own designs, if I press ‘A’ to select it, it downloads it ending up with 2 identical liveries for that same car. One still being able to modify (apply decals/car paint), the other being “locked” !! And, if I try to delete the locked one, I get a message that I won’t be earning credits any longer for each download/like/use. So, I end up with a double livery in a collection that already is pretty huge. I think there’s some work to be done here…

  1. OUTFIT:
  • Driver’s outfit : well… I just thought it would be nice if we could chose between several outfits for our driver. I have this nice looking lady and would be lovely to see her in a bikini (well, she was wearing a short sleeved T-shirt on Blizzard Mountain, so I don’t think she would mind, would she?) :slight_smile:
  1. DLC:
  • Expansion packs such as Storm Island, or even better, Blizzard Mountain are the real deal. No more stupid Porsche Packs please!! I start to believe the devs have bought some shares on the stock exchange. There’s nothing special about these cars and they’re a waste of (real life) money. Like I said, for expansion packs such as Storm or Blizzard, I’ll gladly open my wallet because they’re worth it. So, if I wasn’t clear, NO MORE PORSCHE PACKS!!

Well… That’s all, folks. Hate (or love) me for what I wrote. It’s just my 5 cents on what I believe should or could be improved.

Maybe you’re feeling the same… or maybe not.

I’ll be happy to read your reactions, whether positive or negative. I’m just curious if others agree, what other people think, and I hope (fingers crossed) the devs read all our stuff as well.

Thanks for your time reading my post.


I honestly like the game but literally gave up due to, too many fields of worthless land to ride on. Games 2x bigger than horizon 2? yeah cause all you did was add dirt, grass and trees. Horizon 1 FTW compared to these two newer ones to me. Yeah I know this is a worthless post but meh, I pre-ordered the $100 version. And still feel burned 7 months later.

Don’t get me started on how crappy the headlights are on a lot of cars.

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Before this gets jettisoned to the suggestion thread I will say that I back you up on this one. We need more roads and more interesting roads for the next release. Elevation change is one thing that helps a lot. I really hoped that FH3 was going to be set in Japan and will hold out hope that FH4 will be.



I hope we can organize our garage in more ways than just adding to “favorites.” with over 500 cars and so many different surfaces to race on and tune for, it gets hard to remember what car I built for what. So let us organize by pavement /rally /cross country /snow /hot wheels…


More than 30 sec to pick a car please, there is a 45 second endless vote. 1 minute at least to sort through the mess.


One simple idea they could do with this is to have different exhaust manifolds that have their own corresponding type of sound/tonal multiplier to the engine. For example having a big bore exhaust would make the vehicle sound a much more deeper angrier tone. Think of it like the sims 4 and the voice altercations; you had a few voices to choose from and then you could adjust them on the tonal range to create a semi-unique voice. Think the same but for cars

I wanted to get the conversation started before they got too far into making the next installment of the Horizon series.

This is not a wish list for vehicles, please post those somewhere else.

Turn 10 and Playground Games have made a generally awesome game, there’s no doubt about that. If compared to Horizon 2, they have improved it in almost every way. It has awesome graphics, it has a huge catalogue of vehicles to drive and modify, it has a large and open world to explore, and a diverse assortment of races to test our rides and our skill. There are though, a few areas where the Developers are completely missing the mark. I have divided my wish list into 4 different topics: Map, Single Player Gameplay, Multiplayer Gameplay, and Festivals.