forza horizon 4 download issue on pc, windows 10.

hello turn 10 support,

i have an issue with the forza horizon 4 pre download, which starts today.
if i select a download device for example harddrive “D”, the game is still downloading on the system harddrive “C”.
i tryed to change the windows settings for saving new content for apps to download this to device “D” as default setting but the game stills download to device “C”.

what kind of problem is this? is this a license pre-download version issue?

This is a windows store issue.

To fix it, you need to go to windows settings > System > Storage > Change where new content is saved

Change the default drive for new apps to whatever drive you want.

I’m not having this issue myself…

Got win 10 on my 250GB SSD and all windows store games/apps are set to install on my 3TB HDD with no issues but the pre-install started for me yesterday.

Only thing I can think of is did you try recently to pre-dl and get the “placeholder files” downloaded? I did this last week and the DL started as soon as it went live.
I wonder if you might have downloaded the placeholder files to C and not D.
I guess this could happen if you only made the change to install on D between acquiring the placeholder files and the full install could this force the files to follow the placeholder location and ignore the “install on D” request???

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i finished the download to storage C and try to move the files on D atm. if this work well its fine.

edit: worked.

My placeholder saved onto my C: boot drive SSD and when I tried to install there was not enough space. I just deleted the placeholder and then got a choice where to install the game (put it on my E: HDD with the rest of my windows/Steam games) when I went to re-install. Done. :slight_smile: