forza horizon 4 demo cannot pass splashscreen logo

Hi, i’ve installed fh4 demo 2 days ago, but when i launch it i cannot pass splashcreen logo, window closes itself, i tried re-download 2 times but no luck, i tied to download forza horizon 3 demo , and same story, splashscreen then it close, i tried forza motorsport 7 demo and it play normally, so problems is only with the forza horizon 3/4 demos, someone can help me? my rig is:
i7 4790k no oc
32 gb ram dd3 2600
1080ti 399.24 drivers
windows latest updates


please help i want to preorder uktimate version but i want to play demo first, how i can preorder if demo cannot even launch?

Disable all sound devices, you will have no sound but the game will launch.

Already did it, i’ve roccat kave 5.1 headphones, if i disable it same story, funny thing is today i tried demos of forza horizon 3 and same crash, forza motorsport 7 demo work normal, tried halo wars 2 demo and work, the mistake is only for forza horizon 3/4 demos, so must be something regarding this 2 games, help.

this solution Game does not start? You have COMODO? - Solution here - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums helped me to play