Forza horizon 4 debacle: crash on trying to enter any race (Windows 10)

I’ve an elite PC. NVME drive, 32GB RAM, i7 CPU and so forth. I can play any number of games, in HDR and high resolution.
But this game, it can be played at no resolution, no graphic setting.

For the last two months, Horizon 4 can’t be used, and there is no mechanism to get a refund. I bought the game when it was released. Plenty of progress.

But now, whether trying to run the benchmark, and the related automated game, or trying to enter any race, I get a crash to desktop.
“Optimizing for PC” dialogue reaches 100%, then stuttering, then crash. I never see any drivers or cars, I never get the race intro graphics. Just a crash. Regardless of car selected, regardless of whether or not internet is plugged in. Reset, Game re-installs, no remedy. No problem driving freely on the streets or roads. Only when I try to enter any single-player race. Terrible. Rubbish.

This is a debacle because at no point do I see a web page with a form to submit any bug. Sure, I can log into But there is no form to submit any questions or report anything. What is going on with this ridiculous game and developer?

just need to follow the links from the first page, it’s not that hard but here i’ll spoonfeed you some more

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The first posts I encountered with any support information led to “

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