Forza horizon 4 crashing after 15-25 mins

Hi guys I have problem with crashing forza
15-25 mins and crash
Updated forza
Updated nvidia
Microphone off in privacy settings
I dont want reinstall forza 80gb
Pc specs
I5 4460
Nvidia 1050 ti oc 4gb
16gb ram

My game crashing with new nvidia driver 417.71. So i installed driver before 417.35 and no crash.

Crashing after 15-20 mins? Its nvidia drivers?

Ye my game crashing when you already in game or some after 10-20 mins. 2 days ago i installed new nvidia drivers 417.71 and here we go. Returned to 417.35 and no more crash

didnt help . back to 417.35 still crash … without error