Forza Horizon 4 crashes every 15 minutes

Hi everyone, the game crashes in 15 minutes tried to reinstall and disable MSI Afterburner nothing helped the game also crashes in 15 minutes what to do?

If you don’t post your pc specs, there isn’t much we can do about it.

Tho you don’t need to use msi after to check fps and gpu usage, there is a built in tool for that.

And regarding your problem, without you telling the specs 1st, i’d ensure you have at least 16gb of ram in 2 modules of 8gb same brand and model, this game is extremely dependant on good memory compatibility, my friends had this same problem, and solving the ram thing did it for them (i had 16gb in a 2x8gb configuration with dual channel active from the start, so i had zero problems).

Likely, the issue is heat, because it happens over the same approximate period of time. Clean out your case and fans and see what happens. Next steps would be to back out any overclocks and start dropping settings.

Set your pagefile to a static 32Gb (32768Mb). That fixed my random crashes.