Forza Horizon 4 - Closing after invite screen.

I do not know what should I post here. I know how Microsoft works because I am working with them every single day. I spent 1/10 of my salary for Ultimate version + Xbox One Pad to play this. Look it’s 05 past 00 and I am not able to run demo or game on my laptop… On my friend’s pc it’s not working either. Tried everysingle thing. I have every thread from this forum in favourites to be updated. I am checking it every day but something is messed up. I pre-ordered game and I am losing my time for troubleshooting something that should be find since first day.

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I’ve been waiting for 1hr 48m past the supposed release, nothing. Microsoft can’t/won’t help. Just go to sleep and play in the morning, that’s what I am going to do

It is possible to launch game for me but only on my main pc. I am on holidays now and I have access to my games only on my laptop. Where is point to pay Lot of money for [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] that is not working in good way. No even sorry from dev team for problems. Just “HAVE YOU TRIED THIS OR THAT?” Yeah use your free time to troubleshoot bugs from most expensive game in history :confused: Kappa. I am waiting for solution. Otherway want to have official statement from dev team why even reaching req settings I am not able to use it.

You haven’t even described your problem properly. Try xbox live support, it helps. If it works on your main PC, clearly the problem is in your laptop. Maybe it’s not powerful enough? I’ve read threads where they say MSI afterburner is the issue, try shutting that off (judging by the name you have it hehe).

Every singel time problem is with machines not with game… You are guessing wrong. Problem is in thread name. What should i add? Guess what. Game is not even turning on so? I do not have msi. And my laptop is better than 80%of pcs here…

There’s an official support section now, you can submit a ticket there if so inclined

I turned MSI afterburner and riva Tuner off before start. It worked for me! U can later turn afterburner on if u want