Forza Horizon 4 Assistance Guide for Tips & Tricks

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So, we’ve officially started playing Forza Horizon for as of about a day after it came out for the PC. This time around I’m making an effort to get a much better sense of control over my experience, so I’ve put together a few questions I have in an effort to gain the information I need.

Primary Car of Choice in FH4: The Ken Block Ford Focus RS
Notable Game Settings:
Manual WITHOUT clutch
One notch above average difficulty
Stability Control Off
Ultimate Edition Purchased

Q. Sliding! Sliding always, sliding too much. When I go around a turn in Forza Horizon 4 in many cases I slide way too much. Most times I can control that to my favor with a drift but for exceptionally tight turns I nearly have to come to a complete stop to get around the turn without sliding off the path. My question here is, what is the key to this issue. Is it a matter of tuning your car right or something else?
Qa. Is there a way to really eliminate sliding or is it simply just that everyone slides constantly and the key is to just learn to counter the sliding as much as possible?

Q. Tuning. With Forza we’ve always been able to fine tune our car to very specific specifications. However, as I have no knowledge of tuning a car by any means, I usually just try to find the perfect balance of upgraded parts that is between having green stats with as few red as possible, and never really do any tuning. Is there any guide that exists for how to TRULY properly tune a car in every single category of its tuning stats?

So far these are really just two of the major stumbling blocks I’ve run into so far. I’m sure as I play, more will come up but TBH if I can nail these two issues above down I anticipate that I will have little trouble completing any of the game’s tasks.

Thank you sincerely for any information. I feel that competitively this game is more fun if everyone has an equal chance of winning and that success is based on skill level with driving rather than knowledge of true mechanics and tuning.

Why in the world is a forum post “sponsored”?

Anyway, tuning is the answer to your first question. You might also have Traction Control off. Having both TCS and SCM enabled will pretty much stop any unintentional sliding (and most intentional sliding).

There is an FH4 subforum for tuners that might be of use to you. You can also do what many folks do, which is use publicly available tunes in the game that other users have created.

I’d also like to add that tuning a vehicle is a vital part of motorsports. If that’s not your thing, then you need to look for true arcade racers that allow no tuning whatsoever.

EDIT: Hey look, this was moved to said FH4 subforum for tuners. Thanks mods!

This post was sponsored because there is a racing team behind this post that is also asking these questions and the custom brands seen from members of the team are part of Project:TheDarkness, so the post is sponsored. I feel like instead of just ‘already know how to tune or quit playing’ there must be some potential for learning how to tune as an alternative so that you can simply become better and still enjoy the community. There is no game that has a presence like the Forza Horizon series does which is why people who don’t know how to tune can’t just walk three feet away to find an equally similar game to this series.

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I want to report bugs in the game Forza Horizon 4, especially in the team game session.
1st bugs, when we miss a checkpoint, normally after three seconds we are slow to a point before the said control point. But regularly, instead of being brought back, we see the count indefinitely make 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1 etc, and we are obliged to return even to the point of control for validate it.

2nd bugs, it also happens that when you end up with the car on the roof, that the game does not restore the car automatically. or if you miss a turn and you find yourself in the middle of the lake or a river, you continue to ride underwater without ever being able to get out.

3rd bugs, it turns out that the tag of the club does not appear systematically in front of the gametag of a player while it is well part of a club ??