Forza horizon 4 and horizon 3

Ok, i’ve now been playing Horizon 4 for several months now and i can tell you i prefer Horizon 3 over this new one. It amazes me and not in a good way either that things like sound, lag time between scenes, etc. are worse instead of better with Horizon 4. For me at least the whole landscape is boring after while; it’s like i’m playing horizon 2 all over again with the same type of scenery. The introduction of Fortune Island had me all hyped up until i stated playing it and it’s the same feeling. the lightening was cool for about 10 minutes and then it same ole same ole. When will Forza take their game to the States, or Asia or Africa, etc. Look i really do love the Forza Horizon games, but they took a big step backwards with this edition in my opinion.


It is because they have tired people churning out tired ideas and they do not want to invest in the actual game play elements. Eye candy is what matters. The seasons and fortune island are merely excuses to make wet racing where they can negate most traction so they can make “cool” streams of drifting and uncontrolled racing.

Tanner Foust is not a god or a racer. He is a stunt and trick driver, nothing more and nothing less. For a racing game to work on focusing so much on that aspect rather than true racing is just a waste. Yes Horizon is more of an arcade game and uncontrolled is a big element but it gets tired when every race is just another version of S2 998 tuned cars racing on unrealistic circuits in rain and snow. I’m all for gymkhana events and formula drift events but how about keeping the variety intact and using all the classes and all the types to experience all the cars in something other than maxed out specs?


What do you mean? The gamepad steering is so ignorant, there’s an injected god-mode that re-writes the physics based on the players basic inputs. In a real car, if you run off the road, you’re responsible, unless someone cut your brake lines, a tire debeaded, a tie-rod broke spontaneously, etc… if the car is in working order, only the steering wheel and pedals are responsible for the outcomes. I’m sorry you’ve been brainwashed to believe there is a divide between “controlled” and “uncontrolled” vehicle dynamics. It’s that sort of mentality why Forza’s pad steering in general is either boring or forever in it’s own way, enough that they’ve about turned the physics inside out in the current gen of Forza games to make the gameplay more “interesting”, simultaneously wrenching down the steering’s deathgrip on the car’s trajectory. That statement applies more to FM7 than FH4 but they both suffer some of the same.

The first Horizon was in the U.S.


Honestly, I still think the original Forza Horizon was best overall of the series. Sure, there have been some major improvements in more recent games with tuning, the physics engine/race model and graphics and more cars and larger maps, but the original is still the only one to me that actually feels like a cohesive game that was given appropriate development time and resources and not just a giant vehicle sandbox with a bunch of grindy content for most of the “progression”. FH1 wasn’t perfect (the rally expansion especially was a letdown) but it had a level of polish that the FH games have lacked since.

FH2 greatly improved the driving model and tuning and map size, and added weather courtesy of the transition to the Xbox One, but the map lacked the diversity of scenery of FH1 and looked pretty much the same everywhere (although at least it still had some pretty epic driving roads). Unlike the largely story driven progression of FH1, FH2 really just had a championship checklist that was really grindy to fully complete with needing to complete every single championship with every single vehicle division. Storm Island was a neat expansion though.

FH3 brought back the map diversity of FH1, but lost the interesting driving roads for inexplicable reasons and had a broken PI system that was overly punishing for cars with good handling, making driving overall somewhat less fun. It also introduced the awful time-limited availability of cars to the Forza Horizon franchise, which is the worst part of its legacy. Otherwise it was a solid improvement over FH2 in most other areas and had two large world expansions where FH2 only had 1, and FH1 didn’t really have a world expansion.

FH4 introduced seasons (with a questionable implementation of the player not really having control over them) and added a few more interesting driving roads to its map, but still didn’t really match FH1 and FH2 in this regard and has the same lack of diversity problem as FH2. On top of that, it has tons of regressions and oversights (like the current garage size fiasco and the nearly totally broken multiplayer, not to mention the truly awful wheelspin-based progression) over previous games. Sure, there’s been some small improvements here and there (I personally don’t mind being able to customize the appearance of my avatar, although I do feel the devs put too much time into this feature at the expense of the rest of the game), but overall it feels like this entry is where Forza really transitioned from being a great open-world driving franchise to an annual cash cow where they’re more concerned with maximizing financial return with minimal effort over actually making a good game (pretty much the same rut that CoD and the various EA sports franchises have fallen into). At least the devs are (very slowly) working to try to improve things and we’ve finally got a (clunky) route creator.


as a location England is meh… England has great roads but besides that there’s not much going on the scenery is kinda dull and boring,… Australia is my favorite location it just looked better

i think it’s gonna be tricky to pick the next location cause most european countries look like England, …like you’re not gonna see anything different in France or Germany

and you gotta take into consideration that the location needs to have a good combination of offroad and asphalt but also good diversity in terms of scenery like beach, forest, mountains, hills, rivers… not many countries have the complete package

personally i would just want an exotic location that has amazing scenery like Africa or Dubai… European countries are boring to look at.


continuing on the supposed improvements for Horizon 4 what’s with the purchasing of houses? wow. you buy a house but can never go in it!? I’m with everyone on how it seems this game was just put out to make more money quickly and not much effort was actually put in the game itself. the makers scammed us into believing this was a much improved game, got their money from it and will read all about our bitching while banking our money. i went back to play Horizon 3 just to see and the detail in the towns and cities is light years better than 4 and 4 only has edenburgh as a big city…if that doesn’t stink of , let 's just rush thru this , then i don’t know what does! Don’t care much for the live sessions or Fortune Island’s treasure finding nonsense. I kinda like the automatic changing of the seasons though. As for being able to change the way your driver looks, who cares!? The only time you see him/her is on the podium and a few other places. Big deal. Sadly many video game makers are doing what Microsoft Studios has done and that is produce another game under the guise of new, improved, but actually worse than the one before . Too bad we don’t find that out until we have plunked down the $60 to $90 for the game only to find out we got hosed.


You can please some of please some of the people some of the time, but you cannot please any of the people if they give feedback via a forum.

Odd complaints. The most common boildown is seemingly wanting forza motorsports on the street. The biggest complaints I dont understand are the hate for forzathon points, avatars, and wheelspins.

Forzathon store. Items of flavour and unlock. Complaints about not being able for ezmode the capri FE.

Avatars. I can sorta get. People who care have nice combos. Then you are stuck looking at the troll players who troll horn in races. That gets to me despite liking having an avatar that isnt race suit and fun with horns outside of racing.

Wheelspin hate. This one flabbergasts me. Is fun reward system where sometimes is junk, but also can get an amazing win. Enjoy your wins, trash the junk. Sad trombone if you win shoes. I find it fun of anticipation with no investment. Nothing more than a bonus for play.

Map hate is biggest confusion. Yeah, more city… But then boring. Map now has so much color and complexity. I cannot fathom how people get bored of this and not three.

Maybe I can. Four is a playground. It isnt just a one car environment. It is best with many cars for their environment. The weather and seasons rotates your vehicles as well. I dont fast travel ever for this reason. I spend more time travelling and hooning than racing. Not even grind hooning. Just driving around or chasing randoms. (I play speed trap with my veyron for peeps driving to slow)

But this is seperate from the multiplay and AWD creep issues. I also have had complaints for seasonal events which is why I like to give a post season feedback via suggestions.

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The map and the single player story was ten times better in FH3. Night time was one googolplex times better in FH3. The car list was also better in FH3. The only things FH4 has going for it is; no voting system i.e. better online play, a slightly improved PI system (AWD is still OP though), drift suspension and drag tires. FH4 still wins though, the voting system is a dealbreaker for me, but if the next title in the series doesn’t have a proper night sky I’m not going to buy it.

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The online multiplayer in this game is awful. The worst in the series ever. I’m shocked to see anyone say it’s better than 3. I’m hoping you mean it’s better because the game randomly picks the next class vs getting stuck in a class or terrain over and over again that you don’t care for. Even if that’s the case you had the ability to search for another class immediately in H3 once you loaded into a game. Much more user friendly IMO.


I have a sneaky suspicion… AWD wasn’t OP in FH4, the stock tunes were just terribad and most people never checked their spring rate balance. FH4 has a similar problem. Of 7 million players, yes most of them will be casual and not concerned running stability control with the default tunes, fair. If they turn assists off, the stock tunes will bite them quick especially during intense off-roading/jumps/freeroam rush (one of the most complained-about features of FH4 that I think is quite fun).

FH4’s map is better in many ways then FH3–flowing corners everywhere, destructable guardrails/walls, easier to tell which trees you can mow down or not–and worse in some. Roller-coaster elevation changes. I like FH3’s physics more. It’s chill. FH4 can be too intense.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Lap times on my “Road Race Test Track” (keep in mind that this is with a rolling start and without having to recover from being rammed multiple times):
A800 S2000 '09 AWD 2:19.473
A800 S2000 '09 RWD 2:22.143

Lap times on “Ambleside Loop Cross Country”:
A800 Hummer H1 AWD 1:48.408
A800 Hummer H1 RWD 1:53.313

Counter with hard data and leave suspicions out of the discussion, please.

I meant to say wasn’t OP in FH3. It is in FH4. Part of it’s the rear tire width on AWDs buffing drivability and ultimately grip in ways the PI won’t calculate. Aero might be a factor as well. They changed a lot about the tires, there’s only so many things they could have accounted for and tbf they did quite good, with a few exceptions.

I’d share my Ford GT '05 or Lamborghini Diablo builds with you, both RWD and 44% rear weight S1, that I’ve taken 1st place in a number of races with, but I’ve already uninstalled the game and have no intent of reinstalling it. Yes they might not have been top drivers that I faced with them, but it was possible to have fun trading places in races with RWDs.

Anthing more front biased than about 45%, yeah I wouldn’t bother. Go AWD or give up all hope of taking higher than 3rd/4th on average.

I am siding with the AWD is OP. I am not sure what it is, but rwd just feels way off at low speed. I got cars from the 80s that grip up better. Part of what can muck a person up actually is the clutch. Running clutchless (I personally don’t have a footset with analog clutch) and the racing clutch, plus racing flywheels can make it rev up just too fast. It breaks loose, peaks out and that is it. It is why I try to keep to a heavy flywheel in offroad. More rev stability. AWD doesn’t break out as easily. It does, but the increased traction grips it up.

Unfortunately, most courses have at least one or two sharp corners in them minimum and you cannot ever get traction with anything but low performance rwd usually. I have tuned my RWD cars, many of them phenominally. But just certain ones are a no go. But all that tuning is even made more difficult with weather in the mix. The AWDs have plow problems, but unfortunately the speed lost in turns is more than made up from with pulling away. Especially at the start. RWD vs AWD? You lose a few seconds just off the launch. The recent drag race is a prime example. The AWD gives you a three second quarter advantage.

The game is simulating normal traction, but it isn’t properly looking at tire loading under weight transfer I don’t think.


I like to use the race flywheel on controller with RWDs because it disrupts the driveline less when downshifting with M/C. The driveline is best as heavy as possible to further minimize the upset. I rev-match; you don’t have to clutch on downshifts, the shift does take about a second to complete and re-engage the clutch but that’s perfect because it gives you some time to think as you set up your entry, maybe make a couple downshifts on your way in, then tap the gas to rev-match and get back on throttle for the exit.

Do you tune your suspension? If not, I am truly sorry that you, like millions of others live under then impression that the default suspension settings in Horizon are anything close to suited to racing. With the recent silent patch, unless it was pushed to my machine as a troll, yaw inertia even on sim controller steering is insanely damped, so you should almost be able to get by with RWD with the garbage default setups now. Either way, you’re welcome.

Edit: all of my RWD builds can take full-throttle exits out of all but turn 1 in Astmoor Heritage Circuit. Some of them, like the Diablo S1, without aero. Others, like the Savanna RX7, with aero and sport tires. If they can’t, you’ve not tuned them properly. I know, it’s needlessly obscure, probably for the express purpose of sapping your attention from the world around you and funneling it into an ego-fueled relationship with the game if you dont tune your cars, fake difficulty at it’s finest. Nature of the beast.

Edit: I’ll have some integrity and leave my previous edit intact. What I really meant was, suffering through trying to control the cars with the stock suspension tunes. The game requires attention to play, anything you do requires attention. “Ego-driven” is not what I meant. If I did the whole premise of enjoying the game in any way would qualify as that. It’s the suffering through default tunes, and patching the freedom out of the physics to hide the mechanics’ failures behind themselves, that leaves the game shallower than ever. I can’t lie to myself any more. I am sorry this plague of humanity continues to wreak it’s havoc on your minds this way rather than enrich your lives with any sort of meaningful engagement with interactive physics simulations or other real living beings.

I just recently bought FH3 on sale after months of playing FH4. The first improvement I noticed was the sound. Everything sounds better in FH3, even without Dolby Atmos. The Pagani Zonda R is screaming! Fence posts…clunk!

The roads are better suited to speed, it would seem so car. The autoshow displays the cars better in my opinion too. I haven’t tried multiplayer yet.

I had already got the expansions previously and was waiting for the base game to go on sale. Blizzard Mountain is pretty decent! And Hot Wheels appeals to my inner child!

One thing both games have though… game crashes back to dashboard.

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Anyone else go back to the original Forza Horizon for nostalgia, or is it just me??

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Yeah, like I said in my earlier post FH1 is the only Forza Horizon game that actually feels like a complete game. Starting with FH2 they replaced the story with a giant checklist to grind through for completion percentage and did away with pretty much any form of meaningful progression, not to mention just the overall lack of polish and thoughtfulness in the game design in the newer games compared to FH1.

Sure, FH1 has its flaws but the overall package is still just so much better than what we have now.

I’ve been replaying FH2 recently, mainly because I first played it on 360 when I didn’t have XBL so it wasn’t counting towards my Forza Rewards, plus the 360 version was so de-featured it’s almost like playing a whole new game (Apart from the general locations, road layout and bucket lists almost nothing of the XB1 version is seeming familiar to me)

I couldn’t believe they gave the XB1 version tuning and not the 360 version. The race suspensions were about useless. If sport suspension worked well on a car, it was drivable, otherwise, didn’t seem worth bothering fighting with it.