Forza Horizon 3 Wristbands?

Watcing FH2 videos and noticed that this game has very unique level up system with wristbands [ haven’t played any forza or horizon game ] So maybe there is some kind of information about wristbands level system in FH3?

I believe there is. Looking at the videos at E3, the gamertag above the cars had a number on the left hand side with a certain color.

there are wristband colors in 1/2, but in 3 not sure yet. Nothing said about unlocking progression yet.

3 is very different from 1/2 though in terms of you are no longer a new driver trying to rank up, but a festival runner. The wristbands don’t seem to make sense when you are the ultimate top dog in this game but… very well could still be there!

More info soon hopefully

I think wristband will only served as a community member of FH3 and not in game level. But I might be wrong on this.