Forza Horizon 3 windows 10 how to download to computer and install the game?

Help !!

I recently purchased Forza Horizon 3 from amazon. They sent me a redeem code. I redeemed it in my microsoft account and now I cant find the download button so I can install the game on my pc. It says coming soon. But the game is already released?? Look at the screenshot below.

nullForza 3 standard edition

FH3 only works with windows 10 that has the Anniversary Update. Its an update that’s being pushed to windows 10 pcs in groups so you may not yet have it. ( I encountered a similar issue when trying to pre load.)

Check the top sticky about windows updates to see how to opt in for the update in the event you dont have it.

Go to the Store and search for Forza. You will be able to download it once you find the version you purchased. I bought my copy from Amazon as well.