Forza Horizon 3 unveiled at E3

Official Trailer: “Wicked Game” cover song
E3 Stage presentation: Ralph Fulton and gameplay
Loyalty Rewards:
E3 Floor Demo Hands-On:

“We’re happy to announce #ForzaHorizon3, out later this year on September 27 exclusively on #XboxOne and #Windows10!
“Announcing #ForzaHorizon3 from #XboxE3

September 27 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC
Buy digital to play on both Xbox and Windows
Cross-play between Xbox and Windows
Solo and 4-player co-op campaign
Blueprint: customize each event - route, time of day, weather, cars, and name - shared to friends
Drivatar Lineup - hire and fire your friends
Auction House - cross platform
Centralized Storefronts - cross platform
1000-player Clubs
Car Meets
No-lobby Multiplayer
Playground Games: new Flag Rush
Online Free Roam and new Online Adventure
350 cars
30+ new rim styles
Widebody kits from Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk
Groove Radio station lets you play your personal music playlist from OneDrive
Ultimate Edition Early Access September 23
Day One DLC:

  • All-Stars Car Pack
  • VIP Membership
  • Car Pass


Will be released Sept 27th!!!

4 player campaign

Based in Australia


Cross play with PC… no thanks.

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Most games are going that route



Not sure why you see PC cross play as an issue. Means more players. Sounds like a good thing.

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I was looking forward to this feature so that I can build a PC for this game and still be able to play with my friends that can’t afford a nice PC.

As much as I am excited for this, I also feel pretty inconfident. When I read the announcement story, it said that “you’re the boss.” This makes me think that this will be a pointless sandbox game without much racing involved like the previous two Horizon games. I hope there’s at least some competitive racing here, but this information makes me worried.

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This. I’m hoping this isn’t the emphasis in Horizon 3; I want to drive, to explore, to race, to upgrade - I’m hoping there’s no sacrifice on these to make way for building and designing festivals and races. Time will tell.

I had really thought 2 was going to be my last Horizon. I just don’t get into having to score points to complete races so that leaves me not being able to complete a bunch of the Horizon things. I just think that in racing the sole point is to beat the other cars to the finish. Not how many points you can get by knocking over pins, jump distance, etc, etc. But I have to admit 3 does look interesting.

Now to start getting my Forza 6 car count up to 300

Just announced at E3.

First off the game looks beautiful and excellent location choice t10!

I’m more of a Motorsport guy than street racing so the horizon series isn’t really my cup of tea … but the off-roading sold me on this, excited to do some dune racing!!

What do you guys think?

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With those classic Holden cars added to FM6 via DLC this was to be expected, they make nice barn finds for sure. :slight_smile: I have to admit the environment looked stunning, looking forward to the game.

Regarding the fh3 pre-order, will it download the full game at purchase but won’t be playable until release ? Thanks

Well, off topic aside, if the off-road handling is anything like Horizon 2 then no thanks. I know that Horizon is the more arcade/casual racing game, but I’d like some off-road/rally racing in my Forza game that doesn’t feel really fake. Maybe H3 can improve on this.

As a bonus though, I’m glad to see that H3 will be on PC as promised earlier by T10.

So FH3 is bringing back the beloved FM4 features?

Ok I’m interested.

I guess the constant threads about this stuff finally worked. Good stuff. If the single player is good, well this might be a good horizon game (I thought others were mediocre).

Wow…im hyped!

I honestly cannot say anything besides the simple fact that I am extremely impressed. The location, wide-body kits, gameplay variety, and pretty much everything revealed so far looks fantastic.

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Just a quick question in regards to Forza Horizon 3 pre-orders. Is the pre-order for the ultimate version only for the Xbox One version of the game or does it allow to pre-order the PC version of the game. I don’t want to accidentally buy the wrong version of the game .

I called MS store support about this and they were unable to give me an answer. The lady put me on hold for about 10 minutes and then finally came back and said she was unsure if this pre-order for the Ultimate edition included a PC copy. She said the game just went up on the store so they do not have any information on it yet. The reason I was suspicious as it appears you are as well, because on the Microsoft store site it says Xbox one disc only and makes no mention of a PC copy.

When watching the preview game play, not the official trailer, I noticed that 3D water with hydroplaning is returning. The Lambo hydroplaned the creek. It’s still unclear if full night is coming to Horizon 3 though.