Forza Horizon 3 Toxic Community?

I’ve been playing Forza Horizon 3 Online lately since I have finished the final showcase sadly only to be greeted with a rather surprising toxic community.

Now I am not the biggest Forza fan only playing “Forza Horizon 2 Presents F&F” as my first all Forza game so I have no idea what the community is like throughout the entirety of the franchise but it seems like Forza Horizon 3 has a very Toxic community from my experience so far. Although I have played Motorsports 6 and Horizon 1 I never really used the Online features that heavily in those games. But now since I have gotten Horizon 3 and started to interact with the Online features it seems that people aren’t as nice as I expected the player base to be.

This isn’t to try to say Forza as an Online platform is bad or anything I just wish to share my experience with others to see if I am being very unlucky in my matchmaking/online interactions.

My first online experience occurred in the auction house. Many players go there to pick up rare or wanted cars as such why I was on it. I luckily won an auction spending around 300,000CR on a 500,000CR Car. Soon after it happens I took someone’s place in the bidding as the highest bidder and was soon greeted with a very colourful message along with a challenge for a race for simply outbidding them on a car while they supposedly were busy in a race. I honestly thought I just had some bad luck then but situations seemed to stay that way for me online. Such as racing others players and winning so some players in last place decide to just stop and stay to block the track for others. Messages from players saying I should stay offline and race. Others even complaining about me using an X class Car in an “Any Class” event.

I was wondering whether or not I seem to have very bad luck in online or if this can be considered normal.

Yeah, well… Welcome to the world of Forza, buddy. There’s many groups of people doing what they like and generally being friendly and welcoming, within a community of lunatics and eight graders who think they’re Dominic Torretto or Michael Schumacher (depending on whether the title carries the denomination “Motorsport” or “Horizon”).

(That being said, ot saying it goes against the rules, but using an X class car in an open event is a bit of a cheap shot!)

This reminds me of those guys who would kill their teammates every time one of them picked up a sniper rifle in Halo. Those guys were always the worst snipers.

That’s what most people did in Horizon 2, though. If you don’t want X-class cars in the race, then don’t set up an “any class” race

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Yeah, that’s the tradeoff for playing a highly acclaimed, mainstream racing game online. Every group of people you can imagine will be playing it, for better and for worse.

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It’s the same as any large community. Once a game becomes mainstream and very popular, it tends to attract more an more people and with that the chances of finding idiots is far greater. It happens with all the major franchises.

You’ve met the kids the game attracts.

The incidents you described would make me laugh because they are so rediculous.

I’ve yet to run across that and the only thing I’ve seen online is others blatantly using you for brakes…which is to be expected.

Any “colorful message” sent over Xbox Live should be kept, and also reported to the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team (PET) via the Dashboard. That is NOT a side-effect of the game or the environment, it is rude people hiding behind their gamertags thinking they can bully and abuse others and get away with it.

Here’s how to Report someone:

Go into Friends in the left panel in the Dashboard, then Find the gamertag and REPORT the actions. Those reports go to the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team (PET) and they have the capabilities to join offenders during their online sessions for observation and warning.

Not only will those incidents result in PET taking actions, but they have the power to instantly ban those who challenge what they warn about - not just from the game itself but Xbox Live. That really gets the attention of people who are destroying game play for others.

Don’t get into discussions with the offenders, just observe, remember the gamertag and file the report. Let PET handle it without attempting to tell the offender how wrong they are or using retaliation. It is simple and effective when PET puts a leash on the offender.

Remember, too, when PET issues a ban on a gamertag, it isn’t just for a single game, it is a time out from Xbox Live.


Online is online. You’ll have good matches, you’ll have bad ones. Same as in any multiplayer game. I’ve played Warzone in Halo 5 where the team and I were very on-point, knew what we were doing, and worked together to solve our tasks. I also had ones that thought it’d be better to run me and others over with a Ghost. Forget the Covenant, forget the Prometheans. Oh well.

The colorful message though just seems to be anger against you. I’ve outbidded people and have been outbidded myself yet never sent nor received one. Someone just got angry I guess. As Snowowl said above, you should report them.

I wouldn’t let a few bad apples ruin your appetite for apple pie. Because apple pie is delicious and I will defend that stance until I die.