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#1 Posted : about an hour ago
Horizon 3 GP

This is a championship made by youtuber itz chris. This will be a weekly race for a total of 3 months. 4 if you make the championship month.

Car selection:
The car selection will be outlined for the upcoming week. For example there will be a post on the beginning of the week for the car type for the next race. FORZA HORIZON 3 TOURNAMENT - YouTube Thats just an example. So every week the car type could be something like classic muscle. Usually car class in A,S1, or S2 , but it will be outlined in the upcoming cars post so stay tuned. Drivetrain will be decided. In the week

Registration and attendence:
You will be able to register here or in the comments of my video. FORZA HORIZON 3 TOURNAMENT - YouTube Just put your gamertag and i will let you know if you are in. For attendence just be there no later than 5 minutes before the race. If we have alot of people join than we will have as many runs as we need so everyone that showed up has the opportunity to get points.

Collisions will be off. Just stay in the correct car class and car type. And if we are in a party dont make me have to mute you


Races are at 2pm eastern time and 7pm in the uk

Modern supercars s1 archway meadows 4/8/17

Retro super cars s1 skyline view circuit 4/15/17

Hyper cars x goliath 4/22/17

Asian sports cars A headland circuit 4/29/17

Eurosports cars s1 north city circuit 5/6/17

Classic racers A switchback scramble 5/13/17

Super saloons s1 mill cross country 5/20/17

Super hot hatch A Rainforest circuit. 5/27/17

Extreme track toys s2 highway circuit 6/3/17

Modern supercars s2 figure 8 circuit 6/10/17

Classic muscle A 1 mile drag race 6/17/17

Retro rally A Redstone cross country circuit 6/24/17

Extreme track toys s1 rolling meadows circuit 7/1/17

Rally monsters s1 mountain view scramble 7/8/17

Modern rally A east bridge scramble 7/15/17

Gt cars s1 woodlands circuit 7/22/17

Super gt s2 East suburbs 8/5/17

Hyper cars s2 Goliath race 8/13/17

there will be points based on your finishing position, fastest lap, and more points if you win. Since 12 drivers can get points the finshing position points goes as follows. For positions 2-10 the points get flipped and x3. Positions 11-12 dont earn points. First place earns 40 points Here it is:

  1. 40
  2. 33
  3. 30
  4. 27
  5. 24
  6. 21
  7. 18
  8. 15
  9. 12
  10. 9
  11. 0
  12. 0

The fastest lap also earns 5 points. So you can get points if you finish 11-12. And more points if you get first. Although most times the winner doesn’t have the fastest lap. Well sometimes.

Championship weeks:

At the end of the four months. April may june july there is august.
In august we will be having championship weekends. Out of however many people we have the top 6 will be playing in championship weekends. Since we need to award how good you do in the regular season this is how the points will start out.

  1. 30
  2. 25
  3. 20
  4. 15
  5. 10
  6. 5

We do this so the person that got first in the regular season probably wont get eliminated. Also for the 6th person having a challenge to stay alive.

The first week of august we will have 2 races. After that week the bottom 3 will be eliminated. For the last week the top 3 season points will be set to points of 15-10-5… The same point system applies and in the final week there will be 3 Races. Then after the 3 the champion will be awarded

Playoff schedule:
Super gt s2 East suburbs 8/5/17

Modern supercars s1 Figure 8 curcuit 8/5/17

Second week:

Modern muscle s2 three bridges circuit 8/13/17

Retro rally s1 mountain view scramble 8/13/17

Hyper cars s2 Goliath race 8/13/17

Prize: we are just doing the big prize at the end. Gaming related stuff. Around $50 worth(im poor)

Video: FORZA HORIZON 3 TOURNAMENT - YouTube here is the video on basically what i just said here. So sign up in the comments here or ok the video. Just put your gamertag.

I believe your first one was moved that you posted here lol.

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