Forza Horizon 3 RP

forza horizon 3 RP now running!

This post is for people who want to play forza as it is real life. We do this in a number of ways:

•Having A police force
•Implementing jobs that players can do
•Having an imaginary bank account to buy cars from and trade with people
•owning a home
•attend a car meet
•attend a drag race like V-MAX
The list goes on!


The police force use the HSV GTS in the New South Wales livery Holden HSV GTS police

They also use a police Nissan GT-R for the highway.


The civilians have many things they can do. Jobs such as car wrapping or respraying, owning land to use as rally tracks or asphalt tracks, car salesman, undercover cop, tyre shop, mechanic, tuner etc…

All civilians start off with £50,000 and can spend it on a car, or upgrades for a car. You earn a set amount every in game day depending on the job you wish to have. The minimum pay is £5000 a day. But if you own a business where you trade, (e.g resprayer) you also earn what you sell things for.


The first car you own has to be £50,000 or under, and it CANT be upgraded until your in the session, where you can get the car tuner to upgrade it. All cars must have a number plate with at least 1 number and 1 letter.

If you want more info, reply to this post or message BTM R3V0LUT10N on Xbox. Hope to see you soon!

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