Forza Horizon 3 Roleplay

This RP group is a realistic simulation of reallife driving and jobs. There are many jobs that can be taken:

Highway patrol, city patrol, callout officer, car dealer, second hand car dealer, mechanic, car wrapper, tuner, event organiser, event owner, estate agent, banker, test driver, off road instructor, race instructor, drift school, ambulance, insurer, car company owner, mayor, highway minister and many more. If you can think of one that could benefit the rp, please suggest them.

First cars have to be $30,000 or less from the auto show NOT THE AUCTIONHOUSE keep the car stock as car mechanics and tuners will upgrade your cars for a fee within the RP.

License plates are free if they are like UK specification but the smaller the number plate the more expensive it is.

Message BTM R3V0LUT10N on Xbox one if you are interested in joining and I will give you more information then.

See you there!

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car detailer, metal fabrication

Yes, these sound very good. If you want to join tell me your gamertag so I can message you for more info

Well I have seen some wacky post but this wins hands down

Who do I have to pay for the Free license plate that you are charging for and how much
Just how do I pay another player to tune and up grade my car that I cn do all by my self for free
Just what type of scam are you trying to pull
Do you know that if you try to make money from this game Micrsoft will destroy your gaming account and blow up your Gaming machine.

Ok not blow it up but they do not play well with others who violate there rules.

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firdt if all get of your high horse because you don’t have a clue what rp money is. It is a fake bank balance ran by me to be used within the rp. I’m not taking anyone’s money or using anyone for a scam. Get lost and get your facts right.

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One I never said you were using real money Was just letting you know that using real money is frowned on. Also how do you intend to credit other members accoounts with game credits. Or are you using an external credit system. And yes I do know what roll playing is. Also you may need Permision from Turn 10 or Playground to use there game in this manner.

OH and by the tone of you reply one has to wonder just what you have to hide, was a some what angry response. Plus there is the lack of details regarding your RP, try explaining just what your goals are for this RP group like an honest person with nothing to hide would do.

Waiting for you next angry reply.

Also this is a public forum and you have no right to demand I do any thing.


Like I said, when people message me on Xbox, then I give them all the details. Read.

What about you explaining all the details in the first place in order to save everyone’s time?

You want players in your RP game? Fine, attract them with facts and rules, not with ideas and rudeness.


OK so heres the problem I am having with your idear well not so much the idear could be fun for players who like RP. But the way you have presented it. This is a forum for players of Forza games Forza games have have a G rating, so in this forum are children you come in here with a fun idear that could attract the attention of the young players with no details but a very vague out line wanting them to PM you, for all any one knows you may well be trolling for victims.

And why would I want children? I have a full house of enthusiastic people that are teens/adults. And please tell me why your still here and what your purpose is because at the moment; all I’m getting is depression and shade from you

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I haven’t included all the information for a reason. It is because the people that like the idea of the small information I have given would want to message me for more information, and so other people can’t take ideas from me. Also it stops people like you guys from nit picking at everything I say. And anyway, I already have an almost full house of members that have messaged me so good luck next time with the whole pushing people away tactic.

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So you still fail to understand. you seem to think some on is going to steal your idear witch is by no means a new idear, lots of people roll play with many different themes, Would it be so bad if ther was more than one group of of RP using a Horizon theme Would give you anothr group to RP with, for comps and what not.
You dont want to revel details it makes one think you have things to hide, get pepole involved and then start asking for donations to help you keep things runnig. Its been done before and will be done again.
Also you appear to have asked people there age why would you need to know that, Teenagers start at age 13 to age 19 that implies minors have replied to your post.
This is a forum for all ages young children to old farts like me and even older. What assurances do the member of this community have you are not trying to take advantage of its members especially the younger ones.
Be up front and not trying to lure members with pretty promise and secrets.

They are not little promises and secrets, they are ideas that have been made up by me and the other memebers to make the rp run better and make it more realistic. Now can you please answer my question; why are you still here?

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Well lets see im still here wondering just what you are up to as this is what your 3rd attempt at getting this idear off the ground what happened to the group you started last year. or the one you started at the beginning of this year.

You post to me seems suss not on the up and up. reads like someone trying to pull a fast one.

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The first time was just a concept of an idea to see if anyone was interested, and I got a few replies. The second one was the start up of the rp and went very well, but I had to close it for a few months due to exams. But now its back and is ready for sessions

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HellO! Im a huge fan of RP’s on Forza Horizon 3! I hope we can play sometime. Message me when you have a session going! :smiley:

You might have better luck messaging them directly
Doesnt seem to have been on here for a while

Hey man I messaged you on Xbox about the server

Well this is an old thread, and this entire rp concept is kinda dumb.