Forza Horizon 3 on PC

So im very pleased that FH3 will also be on windows 10!

i just have a couple questions about it:

~will i need a live subscription to play with my friends who have Xbox one?
~will there ever be a pre download option for PC?

im new to the Forza Community any and all help will be greatly appreciated!



~will i need a live subscription to play with my friends who have Xbox one? well no you dont need

~will there ever be a pre download option for PC? I really dont know and I need answers

Better not.

There will be. Whether it will be early enough to make a difference for people with [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] internet remains to be seen.

YES! you’ll need an active Xbox live account to play online with friends but not single player mode

You will need an active Xbox Live account/gamertag to play with Xbox users on your PC. It is this way because you buy the DIGITAL version with your Xbox Live account, then sign in with the same account on Windows 10 to have access on PC. Without an active Live account, online will not be possible.

This was confirmed as not being the case. PC does not need xbox live gold to play online or with others. Please try to spread correct information.

Thus far the stance on multiplayer is that it’s free on PC. But there is no “Gold” on Windows to my knowledge, which means no monthly free games and other advantages.
I don’t care about those whatsoever so I’m fine, the most crucial aspect of it is free of charge on PC.

Is it confirmed that us PC users will be able to play with Xbox One users?

yes! any “Xbox play anywhere” is capable of playing with console players

here is the current list, Rocket League is not on there but its a confirmed game as well

I think “Xbox play anywhere” refers to cross buy xbox/pc, if you bought rocket league on Xbox you can’t play the pc version, its sold separately. Rocket league have CROSS PLAY, xbox one users can play against pc users.

Back to topic, I already pre-ordered the Ultimate Digital FH3, i cant wait to try it on pc, but I would be playing it mainly on xbox.


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so can i play fh3 on pc without owning a xbox one??


Can I pre order Forza horizon 3 from the Xbox store and then play it on a Windows 10 computer without actually owning an Xbox One? I have Xbox live. Please help.

As you are getting the digital version, you will be able to play it on the computer as well.

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Hey. If i buy Forza Horizon 3 for PC digitally, will my brother be able to play it on the same PC with his user? Basically the same concept as if I had the disc for Xbox One (I don’t have an Xbox One). Let me know if my question is unclear. Thanks.

Sincerely: a fellow Forza fan.

I cannot find a fool proof answer to this anywhere.

i just need to know i do not own a xbox but i have a win 10 pc will i be able to play this without owning an xbox?

also what are the recommended specs to run this game?

i have specs wise 8350 8 core, R9 280, 16GB of ram, on a 990 ud3 board

Yes this should be fine, you need to purchase the game through the Microsoft Store and it should be available for pre-loading some time before the release date. You won’t need an Xbox One to make the purchase or play.

but no word on the specs needed to run the game yet? i know i am a little bit above the performance of the xbox one right now so i should be in line

R9 280? get the R9 480. :stuck_out_tongue: