Forza Horizon 3 Mogul Pizza DLC cars?

Redirecting... Love pizza and sick rides? Get an in-game 2016 Mercedes-Benz E63 S Coupe when you order a #FH3 Pizza Mogul pizza this week!DLC cars weeks 1-3

I like the huge ? on week 2 and 3.
We totally can’t tell that is a GT350 and Challenger.


Just so you know the cars will be already in the game
These will probably just have a dominos livery on them

I don’t think they’ll even have the Dominoes livery on them, I think it’ll just be the regular car for “free”.

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Also seem to be the same cars that were preorder bonuses at different retailers
So nothing special


so, you have to buy their crappy pizza to get the code?

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Actually, of all the major delivery chains, Domino’s really isn’t so bad. I’m down for this. Too bad I live in Canada, and the promo will likely be a no-go for me.

Papa John’s > Dominos

Around here anyway,

But, seems i have to suck it up and get dominos just to get the pre-order mustang code. I have the other two cars already and want to collect all pre-order cars :frowning:

Edit, aus , and not us, well dangit man :pensive:

Anyone with a spare mustang code? Lol

he following three Pizza Mogul pizzas, available on, are the Promotional Pizzas:
(a) #ForzaOutback_Meatlovers;
(b) #ForzaSupercharged_Supreme
(c) #ForzaOcean_GarlicPrawn.

(a) 2016Mercedes-BenzE63SCoupe week1
(b) 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R week2
(c) 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat week3

Customers will receive one (1) code per order when orderi ng any of the above Pizzas. Customers are not eligible for multiple codes when purchasing multiple Pizzas within the same order.

Where I live. The pizza is cr*p. I haven’t ordered from them for over 20 years. This is why I prefer Papa Johns.

Thanks for finally having a deal like this available in Aus.

I will eat 2 of the pizzas. May need to find someone who likes seafood pizzas lol

EDIT: Strangely all 3 pizzas seem to be already on the menu. I will order one tonight to see if I get the code. If not I will have 2 pizzas in a week (meh!).

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you only need to order 1 of the pizza you have 3 to choose from in the weeks the cars are out so from the 19th till the 26th if you buy a FH3 Pizza you get the 2016Mercedes-BenzE63SCoupe And then from the 26th you will need to buy 1 of the 3 pizzas to get the 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R and then so on for the final car hope that helps enjoy.

so you dont need to buy all 3 pizzas to be eligible to get the car each week only 1 of ur choice out of the 3 FH3 pizza’s

Dont think you actually need to eat all 3 varieties of the pizzas
Just 1 per week of any of those 3 pizzas

In that case why is week 1 only 1 day lol

EDIT: sorry I can not read. yay pizza tonight.

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The Merc is the same as what you get from the XBox Dash preorder.

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Yep its the c63 not the e63…another typo
The other 2 are from other preorders too

Supercharged pizza was pretty good. A little pricy but I was happy and got the code.

So I’ve got the merc and the gt350r. They’re exactly the same as the regular cars ingame, but they are titled as a ‘preorder car’ and are upgraded to the top of their respective classes. No special liveries. Just an extra car for the photography achievement.