Forza Horizon 3 Gymkhana Ford

Does anybody can tell me how do i get the 2016 Ford Gymkhna RS in Blizzard Mountain

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Go to the DLC cars section of a festival menu, select the ‘view all cars’ option and it’s in there. :slight_smile:


No, it isn’t.

I have all car packs, VIP pass, expansion pass, etc.

I had to install from store to get the expansion to work.

I can see the Gymhkana in Race menus for selecting vehicles, but it won’t let me.

It says I have no downloaded content when I try to select it.

There is no listing anywhere in blizzard mountain festival for the Gymkhana in my game.

Is there a way to re-download just the gymkhana from the store or something?

Not saying yours isn’t there, but mine was just as told to you.

When I try to do this it says CONTENT ALREADY PURCHASED. Any ideas?

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you need 100 stars to unlock the Kingmaker event. You get the car after you win, just got it.


ah, I c.

Thanks much sir, back to the grind!

You can get it via the garage dlc cars list i done it.

In the garage go to autoshow, then dlc cars, then hit all cars tab and scroll to ford and its in there.
I done it when i wasnt at blizzard mountian, dont know if that makes a difference but it definitely works.


Yes it is.
At least it is for me and for others seeing as they’ve posted the same instructions. It was pretty much the first thing I did after being allowed to go where I wanted.
If it’s not showing for you then you have some kind of problem. Did you have issues with other dlc content not showing when you got them?

^^^This. Exactly this. I was at the Blizzard Mountain Festival when I got mine.

I didn’t need 100 stars or win the Kingmaker to get it. It was free just like all the other dlc cars. If it’s asking anyone to purchase the car, check it isn’t already in your garage. You always ‘purchase’ a dlc car for free the first you select it. After that you have to pay for it.

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This is accurate. For some reason I couldn’t see it in regular horizon festivals, but when i went to Blizzard Mountain festival, it showed up and I got it from the list as described.

Weird, but after such a buggy (i had to do the xbox store workaround to even start playing also) start to this expansion, I’m just glad to get it I guess.

Thanks again to our Horizon community for the helping hand. /wave

Glad you found it.
I think a lot of people, maybe everyone has had to do the workaround. I waited a bit after release to download and had read some of the issues people were having. So after I’d downloaded the main update I then went to the Blizzard Mountain install page and installed from there too. When I ran the game everything was there and working hunky dory, except for the usual FPS issues on PC of course.

i just got mine like this

This didn’t work for me. Under Marketplace, I can see the car when I go to all cars, but when I click on it, it says that it’s already been purchased. So then if I go to all cars under the DOC menu in a festival it doesn’t even exist at the main game, or at blizzard mountain. What do I do?

But you also win one by winning the Kingmaker race which requires you to have completed 10 rounds which needs 100 stars and have 2 of them…

There may be other ways to get it … but it is definitely in the Autoshow under DLC Cars. All the Blizzard Mountain vehicles are.

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Do I have to unlock his car. I’ve got all the other cars for Blizzard Mountain but not his. Anyone else have the same issue. And yes I have done a hard reset. Thanks

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Go to DLC tab and select all cars it should be in there… To Win it you need to get 100 stars on the King of the Mountain and Wind the Kingmaker race… The first option is easier but you can have 2 of the for “free” with the one you win…

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The new Blizzard Mountain Barn Find is in the DLC tab also

There are 3 possibilities to win the car:

  1. Through Marketplace, download directly
  2. Buy at Car Auction
  3. Win All The Stars (160)

Win all the stars is for the Ram HE, to get the Focus you just have to win The KingMaker.