Forza Horizon 3 Feedback!

Horizon 3 is a great game and a huge improvement from FH2! Visuals are as everybody knows improved, it looks nice! Sounds are also better, lots of engine noises never before heard in Forza! In my experience its quite stable (not counting PC), way less issues than FH2 or FM6, very few crashes however stats tracking issues. As of now frequent patches for most issues. Rivals have finally gotten a good update in Horizon, no more wallriding! Its a great game but i don’t think its quite 10/10 yet.

What i think needs improvement!

Drivetrain swaps. So here we go again, same issue but new game. 4WD swapped cars are often a lot more competitive than they should be, out of a class points perspective. The launch and acceleration is not balanced compared to equal class 2WD cars. 2WD often have better pure handling, breaking and top speed while 4WD have driveability, acceleration (especially low/mid speed, but might be slower at high) and the ability to corner with the handbreak. 4WD swaps needs tweaks in points. I think this is worse here than FH2 but thats probably due to FM6 handling and the fast tracks with many 90° corners. To me this i a casual think that people can play with in freemode and i don’t mind it there, but when a 4WD RX-7 with a V8 rams me to a stand still in a corner and then launches away, i do mind.

The Community. There are a lot of good people in the Forza community, however there are usually a lot of bad ones to. FM6 however is a nice place to race, few crashers, a lot of skilled racers, but most important of all, no crashers that end up winning. Driving a speedtuned AWD car and crashing into people or wall riding is actually a way to win in FH3! Why doesn’t T10 have wallriding, old Le Mans racers with 4WD crashing everybody, people being forced out of checkpoints and into trees in their trailers? Thats unfortunately way to common in online racing and its way to many high level and experienced players doing it. Anyone have a solution? I think with a AWD nerf, people would have to race cleaner to win!

Singel player, Drivatars. The campaign is a lot better than previous games, to complete the game you’ll need to do around 330 races, luckily not to many offroad races or laps and no need to win, except street races and head to head. Unfortunately the drivatars are not very nice to race. (I did most races on Pro, used as many perks i could and pretty good cars) They still shoot down the inside and crash you and they take corners at unreal speeds, almost TDU2 style! (Especially in Pro and Unbeatable!) Personally i think the SP is a choir, i only did it for achevements, its still not really ”fun”. I have an issue with exhibitions not counting properly, 62/63 with everything greyed out. On TA I’ve read about issues with several other achevements so i hope there is a patch soon.

Car Classes. Have to mention this, I’ve been tuning lots of cars for online racing and i think there is an issue here. The classes are not good atm, the gap in between is to great! FH1 had its S, R3, R2, R1 and i think something of that should be brought back. There is no need to start the classes so high, why not have F and E and keep the numbers lower? In prior games a car was usually good for 2 + classes, in FH3 many can only be tuned for barley 1 class. Many A cars can’t reach full S1 and i think about 0 S1 cars can reach full S2, not even every S2 car can reach full S2! (W/O AWD and engine swaps, wouldn’t matter that much tho.) Regera doesn’t even reach S2. Solution for this could be adding another class, S3 maybe, let cars like 488 and F12 be S2 and send the better cars up to S3. Now both those cars can only be used i S1 and more or less stock.

Minor issues. Number of tunes that can be saved. Downforce on race cars? Not including expansion pass in ultimate. Auction house is slow. Losing cool cars from prior games. The Reliant is pretty useless even with the helping wheels lol. You can buy ∞ 250 GTOs but only get 1 RX7 FD. And why all the rain in street races?

Summary, great game that fixed many issues with previous Forzas! Except from the drivatars and the rotten people online, I’ve really been enjoying this! Some balancing in the PI system, AWD and lots of power need an increase in points, people need to race better(everlasting issue in Horizon), drivatars are still not good to race against and the classes need some work for next game!

West, LV 490 something and 20 GS from complete!

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Car sounds are still a problem

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What sounds are the problem? Specific cars?

Do you have ears? Forza is a great way to fool your mother into thinking you’re vacuuming your bedroom if you play it loud enough.

Are you sure you wernt playing Gran Turismo and mistaked it for Forza? lol.

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AI cheats. Had an all Renault R5 turbo race, all same PI, they just overtake on the straights.

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None of the cars sound like the vacuum cleaner I have. What model vacuum do you use?


try out the Supra and listen to any errors… lol
not that I mind to much. its a great sound note, but nothing like the past forza games ore IRL sound.

I have heard issues with cars other players have used, i guess i haven’t used the ones with issues. I run a headset so don’t have any issues with it being loud or sounding like a vacuum cleaner, unwanted sounds can be adjusted in game. But sure, there are some issues, and the game does sound better than GT, and thats coming from someone that has played it since PS2!

Agreed -the game is really amazing for sure, in all aspects! What’s especially amazing about the game is the precise levels of controls you have over cars racing at very high speeds and the amazing skills dispenser as you race. The point to point and circuit races are really awesome too. I spend most of my time racing with the AI as they’ve remove the showdown races, which is a bummer for sure.

Still surprised at people saying the single player is better than in 2. There is absolutely nothing to strive for in this game. No motivation to win, unlocks in random order based on how you progress, no sense of progression AT ALL, which is the most important thing in a single player experience, but there’s not even any suggestion of a “finale”, no one we’re trying to beat, it’s all just for a laugh and we’re the boss, so we’re just racing for the lulz. Or for the achievements, and then for some coop with friends because some of the cars are really expensive, but otherwise, not at all.

As compared to in FH2 where I’ve done 210 championships and am more interested in the idea of doing more in that than more in 3. The freedom here is a very bad thing. The races lack the iconic streets of 2 mainly because there are no interesting areas on the map. Only one city of note which is in the worst possible location to be of interest as a destination, and you never ever go through it on the way to somewhere else, where that happened all the time in FH2, with for instance the coast road through Nice, and the highways, which actually connected the destinations. But they won’t do anything about it because people keep praising the FH3 map for some bizarre reason.

I could not disagree with you more. Once I went through the roadtrips in FH2 a few times, I felt the game was empty, devoid of any reason for me to keep playing (other than to see a ridiculously rainy cote d’azur). All events outside of buckets and showdowns go away. The map is empty. I have no freedom to choose how to play, no definite way to say what car I want to race against which competition and on what course. Blueprinting is genius, and all the events stay on the map in FH3. I have a hard time even trying to even empathize with your point of view here. It’s like the sky saying the ground is too high above.

All Forza games are generally freeform, and allow you to proceed at your pace at a challenge level you dial in. It’s always “for the lulz”. Freedom is never a bad thing. Were you expecting something different? Allow me to suggest the Motorsports branch of the franchise.


Touche. Forza Motorsport is more for the Hardcore racers and Forza Horizon is more for the Freedom of Choice.

I was at least expecting to have to win or place in some races. Horizon 2 had a bunch of achievements for winning races, and even for completing coop bucket lists, which were some of the hardest pieces of content in that game. It also had a progress wheel for championship events won, which is part of the reason I ended up with 210 championships completed, because that took it to 100% for me :slight_smile:

In a little irony, for the previous generation, Horizon 2 cared more about your winning races than did Motorsport 5. This time around, Motorsport 6 cares perhaps too much, with at least 3rd required in every race, and as you say, difficulty settings fully customisable. I finished that whole career eventually getting up to usually placing on Highly Skilled, but with Horizon 3 I have absolutely zero motivation to even try to improve my racing, where 2 was all about learning the routes, and I know so many of them like the back of my hand because they were interesting enough to repeat ad nauseum.

In 3, the only race I care to do now is Goliath for the credits. Blueprinting is only useful to reduce the length of championships. None of the races are interesting enough for me to want to do any random set vs any other, and none are memorable. If during a race I think, hey I should make a point of repeating this one, I have no way of telling which race it is, because the routes go all over the place and overlap so much, rather than being truly based in interesting destinations, because again, there really aren’t any. And even the Surfers races take in a lot of offroad, when one might have been hoping for city circuits à la Nice and the like.

I really loved FH2’s guided tour approach, with prescribed races so I didn’t have to choose, and I really didn’t like FM6’s open-ended grind approach, so no, I do prefer Horizon for flat out fun, I just find 3’s approach to be the most boring so far.

I personally find horizon 2 was nearly as aimless as forza horizon 3 with what seems to be by far the most grindy system of the 3. Completing the full set of championships was just a never ending chore rather than fun. The map in forza horizon 3 was also extremely bland except for the coastal area. In terms of racing feel, forza horizon 1 had it best whereas, from an exploration point of view forza horizon 3 seems to be best. Horizon 2 for me was the worst of the 3.

Okay, big differences in opinion which is cool to see. They cater for us all in some way eventually :smiley:

The map in 3 is the most bland to date. There is just nothing interesting to find - miles upon miles of rainforest here, miles upon miles of outback there, but nothing much in them to speak of, as compared to 2’s multiple cities, golf course, lakes, vineyards and lavender fields, much better destination airfield, and general variation within each area.

You’re right, Horizon 1’s map was great for diversity as well, but the arterial design with minimal connectivity between areas was bad for gameplay. 2’s highway that connected pretty much all of the points of interest, as well as providing some great views and jump spots, was best; 3’s compartmentalisation of terrain types leads to no real landmark or memorable areas at all, and the north-south sprawl is just cumbersome without proper highway connectivity, so fast travel is more important than ever.

Interesting though, I never once felt bored going through 2’s championships. For the first however many there was the goal of eventually facing down Ben, which was already down from the gradual progression and named opponents in 1, but was at least something to aspire to; 3 has nothing at all. Then it was just more of the familiar, and some excellent races and iconic parts of the map. I do still have 2 to run through on the 360, but the map is irritatingly cordoned off in that.

I think the only good “story” was in FH1! The races were better, the layout was better and now there is just too much time you’ll have to waste on it for achievements. There were many really good tracks for online racing in FH1 but recent 2 games haven’t delivered, nothing like Beaumont, Red Rock or the Festival races![Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

What they did fix in FH3 was removing PG and the constant mix of offroad and onroad races in online, i still think FH1 style lobbies are better but FH3 > FH2. There are however bigger issues online then that.

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Horizon 1 had a much better atmosphere to it too. I thought it was just nostalgia speaking, but when it was added to backwards compatibility, I played through it again, and still say it has the best atmosphere, along with the best “story”.