Forza Horizon 3 Empty Lands Map Expansion Concept

Empty Lands

My Concept For a possible expansion for horizon 3, The Expansion is built into the current map. To stop people who havent paid for it, there is a tollbooth after crossing the lake which opens if purchased. Any Feedback or addition ideas would be fantastic


Would be cool. a REAL vast huge desert in this game would be cool.

Exactly Australia is known for having huge areas of nothing and Horizon 3 is pretty much full. If they just added something like a huge empty playground, It would probably get more people purchasing the game

I like it. It’s a really simple but a really good expansion idea. Would be quite easy to implement too I imagine.

You have my vote

Amen to this. So simple. Expansions for this game need to be added into the current map.

Add a fictional tarmac racetrack (something like Willow springs) and a dirt sand track, maybe a few dirt tracks to mock up a rally stage.

That would be awesome.


Very mad max…im in!

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If the race track that Dribbly Midget mentioned was also added, I could see it working well with the Porsche pack.

Agree with the thoughts above, plenty of room to add something like this - and if an actual circuit with grandstands was made, along with a rally and off-road track, you could have a new multi-surface festival as a final hurrah with elements of all existing festival sites incorporated.

One thing I loved about Test Drive Unlimited 2 was the fact it had random race tracks placed around the map. I know most people will say that if you want circuit racing to purchase Forza 6, but there’s no harm in having a few proper circuits in a car festival game!

This is a great idea. You could also have the bridge as another drag strip. It could be four lanes, you would have two cars per side or just 1 v 1 with the barriers so you could let the race play out naturally.

Could be a highway extension throughout the empty lands as well I’d like that.

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Yeah we can drive up Uluru!

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