Forza Horizon 3 Drag racing help??

What cars can you buy/win (Wheel spins) on Forza Horizon 3 that can keep up/beat a dodge dart in a drag race??

I don’t want S1 or lower… I want S2 Or X Class cars only

Only things that can come close to the Dart is the 458 S or the Ford GT.

I raced a Ford GT HE it was right with me till 235MPH Then I pulled away, I had a Bugatti Vayron that was close I pulled away at 220mph…

I did have a ford mustang (Can’t remember which one) that was right next to me till 260mph so beat it by a few seconds but don’t know what builds they where using

That mustang will be the king cobra 2. That’s also quite competitive at drag racing.

Thank you for that. I bogut that car, tuned it and then Raced a Doge Dart and few other cars (Parking lot) was with it all the way till 260mph then just beat me by a few seconds so I came 2nd But didn’t race many darts so will try again…

Update I keep racing a few dodge darts in my ford Mustang 2 King Cobra (Car meet) I can keep up with them till 250/260MPH then they just edge it to 270MPH… I have beaten a few darts so far,…
I can’t think of any other car that can stick with them… Any ideas Guys

A costly but effective car to use is the Jaguar D Type with twin turbo v10 swap. The car can be tuned to run 300mph so it won’t accelerate that fast but on the airstrip from a stop (if you also have awd conversion because it’s kinda uncontrollable if still rwd) it will hit about 287 by the end of the airstrip. I’ve raced a few 458s with it and they get me from acceleration but about 3/4 track they run out of steam and the D Type runs them down…it’s kinda amusing too if they have microphones to hear their reaction when they’re at 270mph and you put busses on them by the end (it’s even funnier since I’ve made mine as goofy looking as possible just to troll people lol).