Forza Horizon 3 and Forza MotorSport 7 two different worlds

At Forza Horizon 3 I’m fine, and at Motorsport 7 tragically it’s like two different worlds. Why do these games differ so much by driving?
The biggest problems are with make a car turn.

You cant turn the car quickly in motorsport with gamepad . In horizon you can feel the vehicle more . I know horizon its arcade but driving in motorsport feels like youre driving a boat . I mean you cant turn the wheel twice in motorsport , even wheel turning animation feels like driver turning a 500 kg giant wheel . I wish in motorsport feeling of wheel and vehicle feels like horizon . Not handling or driving . Just a more quick , flexible and agile wheel turns like in horizon .

Have you fiddled with your controller deadzone settings in advanced settings? That might be why you struggle with turning as the default settings aren’t great. I changed mine and have no issue turning, depending on the car of course. Some turn better than others due to weight etc.
But it’s also like you say, Horizon is more arcadey than Motorsport. They are meant to be different as Motorsport is the more serious option. If you were expecting exactly the same feel then I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

No not the whole feeling . Im not expecting whole horizon feeling in motorsport . Like i said just turning wheels must be quicker . Realistic doesnt mean wheels should turn hard or have to be feel like 3000kg . Isnt it ?

Well…No duh. They’re from two entirely different developers. Playground Games is NOT turn10. PG is a what’s called a “phoenix studio.” which is a studio made up of the remains of other companies like Eden Games and the Driver SF team and some came from Codemasters and Evolution…but…yeah. They’re a 2nd Party dev. The only thing Horizon and Motorsport share are the cars, really.