Forza horizon 3 and forza horizon price for xbox 360 on the store.

Since the update for hot wheels dlc I can’t play but a race or 2 in Byron Bay without it staying on the loading drivatars screen? And I want to get the first forza horizon but it won’t show the price in the store, just the buy option. Send me a message on xbox with help. Gt is ArkhamShogun. Thank you!

Not sure why you are posting about horizon 1 on the horizon 3 discussion forum but you are probably best contacting xbox support since you would be buying the game from xbox not from here

Try buying it from not straight from your console

Did you not pick it up for free when was games with gold last year

As per post below the only way to get it now would be to buy it on disc

I think you can’t buy Forza Horizon 1 anymore.

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Yeah, Horizon 1 went end of life in September last year - it’s a no go now. No more DLC either.

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Pretty sure it’s only the DLC that went EOL. The game itself is still purchasable.

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Just had a look at mine and I have 14 DLC packs with Horizon 1 so the packs should be advailabel if you get the game just go to the Add on section of the game and it will list what is there is to DL

Easy to do just sellect the Buy option and it will show the price you can still get it as it only went back comp a short time ago, once you sellect the buy option you will see the price and a option to buy or cancel think it is only about $15.00 or so very few XBox 360 games show the price on the Xbox one till you sellect buy then it will show you the price with the option to buy or cancel. It a bit backwards but all backwards compatible games seem to be this way