Forza Horizon 2?

on Playground Games twitter page it says “We made Forza Horizon. Currently working on top secret stuff.” This means playground games is making something. With all the leaks in the past few months including the concept art and the leak about the e3 lineup who thinks that we will see a sequel to forza horizon in 2014 and it will be revealed at e3 2014?

Lets hope so. Love this game

I would almost expect some kind of reveal at E3. Crossing my fingers for a fall release :slight_smile:

Yeah It will be either Horizon 2… or Project Gotham Racing 5. :smiley:

I think PGR5 was confirmed by microsoft that there not making a new one so let’s just assume it’s forza horizon 2 or Deep South for 2014

I’m hoping for Forza Horizon 2. I like racing on the track in FM5, but a next-gen open-road game would be great! That’s the thing I love about Horizon: I can drive wherever I want to, and I’m not restricted to a 2.5 mile racetrack. That said, here’s hoping the FH2 map will be bigger without sacrificing the variety of the first game!

Hey guys go look at shinobi602 twitter page. When someone asked him if a new forza game was coming this year he replied with a smiley face. Be mindful this guy is a very trusted person look him up if you want to know his previous leaks. So what could this mean guys Forza horizon 2??? :slight_smile:

Most likely it should happen which is maybe the reason why Turn 10 decided to release the Car-Pack on May 30th, seems to me will be receiving a special announcement soon of some sort.

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I’m looking forward to Horizon 2 so much that I don’t want to believe any rumours that get my hopes up.

Really man i can only imagine what they’ll do with the game since they’ve learn trial and error with the launch of Forza Motorsport 5, I’m sure Forza Horizon 2 will be right on the money.

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I hope Horizon 2 is a bigger map and the womans voice can be turned off (or whoever its gonna be), that gets annoying lol

Supposedly they’re going to be at E3, so i smell something is defiantly up.