Forza horizon 2 xbox360 version sucks...

i am going to be very blunt about this because i feel this bothers alot of people but they dont have the appropriate words to say it to the company so i will

. i have been playing the forza games since the first forza when i was a child and now im an adult that has big boy toys to play with. i got myself a 400$ racing wheel and it is absolutely amazing to use with forza and i enjoy how well the wheel is made for this game. and how well the game suits the wheel. i have been happy with the forza Motorsports industry thus far but when i saw the differences between the xbox one version and the 360 version, i was baffled at how you guys could get away with this much of a change.
1.(aesthetics) so i understand that the xbox is less powerful and a lower definition than the xboxone, and i understand how you would need to take out some of the breakable objects and movable objects to make the game faster and to produce less lag, that i am fine with. i believe that aesthetics matter to people that are not directly driving(so people spectating the game). the games background could look like blocks for all i care. just as long as im paying attention to playing the game and the game gets me involved enough, i would not notice these graphic changes. all in all i am ok with the reduction in brush and other fine tweaks to the game, i just feel its a little much…
2.(open world) your new thing is this whole “open world” aspect that you are adding to the game where the whole map is completely open and the user is home free to roam wherever they want to, including fields, and that is an awesome idea! i support this change and i feel like thats the only aspect of the original horizon game that i thought should be added. when i watch videos of the new game for xbox one, i see that you have taken care of this and you guys have done a tremendous job at rendering this open world,for XBOXONE. but for 360… how did you guys get away with this?? the xbox360 version of horizon 2 is said to have the same open world aspect to it but everywhere you try to go there is a crudely placed, low quality looking, fence with an invisible wall. HOW IS THIS OPEN WORLD?!? everywhere is blocked off, and that makes me very disappointed to see. i preordered my copy of horizon 2 for xbox360 but before i did i watched “lets plays” from other youtubers to get an idea. (was still going to buy the game regardless) and they were all playing on xboxone and it looked amazing, they were all exploring the open worlds with there rally tuned cars and drifting through fields and then i got my copy for 360 and i just cant do any of that. fields are blocked off and its just not at all the same game. you might as well call this game “forza horizon 2 lite for 360.”
overall i will still play the game because i bought it, but just know that the title of this game is extremely misleading to ALL of your xbox360 fan base. you say we are getting forza horizon 2 but we are really getting barely half of that, the side by side comparison of the two consoles game is just too far apart, its a travesty… i definitely think that you guys need to redeem yourselves fast before you lose half your users, either by a massive update or from a redevelopment of the 360 version of the game. i realize that this is going to take some time if you do decide to redevelop some aspects for 360 but it will be worth it in the end and you will keep your vast fanbase as appose to losing more than half the users that cant afford an xbox one but still enjoy everything that the forza industry puts out into the market. again these are my own opinions but im sure people will see this and agree. but these changes will be up to you guys, the company, to fulfill them.

i thank you so much for your time and i thank you for taking an interest in what the people have to say. have a great day :slight_smile: