Forza Horizon 2 - Xbox Freezing - 360 Version

My game has been running smoothly up until 2 days ago, when my Xbox started freezing whenever I changed my car, in both single and multiplayer. I also can’t connect to the servers, I just keep getting disconnected, which didn’t happen before. Can anyone explain what’s going on, are there any reasons for this? It’s extremely frustrating. My friends are also having the same issues, so it’s not just me.

I’m not a FH2 hater, I absolutely love the game and just want to play it, but having to restart my Xbox 20 times per day is beyond ridiculous!

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I’m pretty much in the same boat. I’m on 360 and would get game lock-ups when I tried saving vinyl groups (other random times too) and have to restart, losing everything I just created. Finally, I think my vinyl save got corrupted after so many times freezing while saving and I lost all my vinyls.

I’m currently not touching this game atm because it’s just not fun. For me, half the fun is creating decals and vinyls and if I can productively do that… well, lets just say the gameplay alone isn’t enough to keep me playing.
I at least hope in the coming week that people from development see all the problems both versions are having and start working on fixes. Don’t neglect 360 patches either, please.

I’ve had the same problem since the day after release. Was fine all night and next day when I went to switch car in menu, I froze. Now it lets me switch car one time from menu before freezing. lol I have to know what I want to use in mp(sound cuts out after switching anyways) For sp, just have to fast travel back to garage and switch. Working on getting fast travel anywhere free for now. Hoping they will put out a patch for this soon, I like to switch my cars often :smiley:

I don’t have the game freezing but I do have the same sound cutout for 5-10 seconds after switching cars out on the road.

Is it in single player where it cuts out for the 5-10 sec? On the free roam, it cuts out permanently if I switch vehicles. I have to go back to my single game and rejoin. When hosting I don’t remember it happening.

Yea same my game freezes when i go to my cars menu it sucks they need to patch this ASAP

When your car is silent, for me you can just go to a Bucket List and press back and then leave and your car should be fixed.

You can also just fast travel anywhere and it works

Everytime i start my 360 game it goes well. Until it goes to the game cutscene. I license transfered for forza horizon 2 so idk if it has anything to do with it but everytime the cutscene finishes or i skip it, it goes to a black screen and freezes. How do i fix this?